NPP express shock on Ved Bhasin demise

dev_bhasinA special meeting of National Panthers Party was held at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi in memory of Shri Ved Bhasin, the founder of Kashmir Times, the fearless voice of the people of J&K and symbol of secularism, a lasting voice of humanity having enjoyed popularity as being a super human being in both sides of J&K. He was born in Jammu Pradesh (part of POK now), educated and brought up in the famous Dogra city of Jammu. It is he who generated a culture to read English papers. Kashmir Times, he founded, developed and promoted as the voice of the voiceless people in the state.

Prof.Bhim Singh reminded his fellow Panthers of his interaction with Shri Ved Bhasin since his days in GGM Science College. He described Shri Ved Bhasin as a living symbol of humanism, secularism and nationalist with malice to none. Prof.Bhim Singh reminded that it was Shri Ved Bhasin who introduced his latest book on J&K, ‘Blunders & the Way Out’ at Press Club Jammu. “I shall never forget the words that Shri Ved Bhasin carried in his speech that he (Shri Ved Bhasin) shall provide all possible help and support to Bhim Singh for the accomplishment of the cause he has taken for the people of the state, particularly that of Jammu province.”

It was Shri Ved Bhasin, Bhim Singh said, who gave him best of advice at most difficult times whenever he (Bhim Singh) was left alone while fighting for a cause of a common man. It was because of Shri Ved Bhasin that Prof.Bhim Singh got an opportunity to attend Pugwash Conference in Islamabad where Shri Ved Bhasin provided his best of cooperation and advice during the interaction with Pak President, Pervez Musharraf in Islamabad.

“J&K has lost a great spokesman of the people, Jammu Pradesh has lost a fearless voice whereas I have lost friend, philosopher, guide and advocate of composite culture.”

The Working Committee of National Panthers Party in a condolence message expressed shock and sadness on the end of a great era with the demise of Shri Ved Bhasin and conveyed heartfelt condolences to the family members of Shri Ved Bhasin. Prayed that God may provide rest in the heavens to the departed soul.

Panthers Party asks Modi to respond to the wishes of Jammuites, delimitation, Jammu refugees

  Several NPP activists today resorted to a massive dharna at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi asking Prime Minister Modi to come out with clean slate on his commitments to the Jammuites and the people of J&K when he shall address the hotch-potch rally in Srinagar comprising of doves and hawks organized by PDP and BJP alliance partners in J&K government on 7th November, 2015.

          The Panthers Party dharna at Panthers Party’s camp office (in exile) held at Jantar Mantar this morning asked Modi to tell the people of Jammu Pradesh about his real intention on all important and sensitive issues dealing with the solidarity and security of India. The Panthers Party spelled out some of the issues which needed attention of Prime Minister Modi while he addresses the crowd in Srinagar. The issues include; amendment in Article 370, comprehensive settlement of 15 lacs refugees from POK & Pak suffering in Jammu Pradesh, delimitation of Assembly constituencies to remove discrimination against Jammu Pradesh, establishment of AIIMS in Jammu, introduction of Fundamental Rights in J&K, payment of salaries to Govt. employees, labourers and all & when Jammu (Talwara) Migrants shall get justice according to SC Judgment?

          Prof.Bhim Singh said that Prime Minister Modi has misled rather exploited the residents of Jammu Pradesh by invoking the sensitive issues promising to respond to the aspirations of the Jammuites, Pak and POK refugees, non-employed youth, under employed youth, the exploited panchayats in all that. Prof.Bhim Singh said that Prime Minister Modi has been trapped by the western power to implement Dixon Plan so that Jammu Pradesh is dividing on communal lines and Kashmir is carved out on Dixon Plan.

jantar-mantar          Prof.Bhim Singh said that Jammu State is the only solution and the boundaries of the state were defined by Maharaja Gulab Singh by 1846. He said that State of Jammu with its composite culture and cultural identity needs to be revived in the greater interest of the people of the Valley and the rest of the country.

Voice of Africa reminds of Gandhi, Nehru & Indira contributions for Indo-African friendship and unity

It was a great occasion when the world witnessed 54 sovereign African nations sitting with India in New Delhi in 2015, just a repeat of Bandung conference in 1954 and emergence of Non-Aligned Movement in search for peace and progress of the third world. The visit of 20 heads of African states and participation of 54 African nations has left a unique message for the Indian leadership that rule India today that the contribution to consolidate friendship and unity of India with African world by Mahatma Gandhi, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru and Mrs. Indira Gandhi deserved attention of the new generation that India under the leadership of Jawaharlal Nehru and Mrs. Indira Gandhi contributed tremendously to reach out to the people of East, West, North and South Africa. The rulers today should not forget that past history that gave rise to India as India’s ambassador of peace, cooperation and mutual co-existence has to be kept in mind with the political actors of that time.” This was reaction of Prof.Bhim Singh, Sr. Advocate and expert on Indo-African and Indo-Arab relations with several books to his credit. It was Prof.Bhim Singh (then globetrotter Bhim Singh) who travelled around the world on motorcycle(s) between 1967-1973. He is the only person in the world to cross Sahara Desert on motorcycle from Morocco to Senegal via Spanish Sahara in 20 days in 1971 on motorcycle creating history.

Bhim Singh travelled from North Africa to West Africa, Central Africa, South Africa and to East Africa on road in about seven months. His book, ‘Around the World on Motorcycle’ provides the glimpses of the African world, its people, its culture, its  geographical formation, colonial affects of different colonial cultures. North Africa from Sudan to Mauritania is predominantly part of Arab world wedded with Arab language and culture, Arab civilisation and history. This region is placed at different situation politically, socially and even ideologically. India has not cared to develop socio, cultural or political relations with this part of the African world after Mrs. Gandhi’s period. Similarly West Africa has a different kind of political situation which include Senegal (French Culture), Ghana and small other states. The South Africa under colonial rule of Netherlands has slightly different political culture and situation in that part. The Congo which was ruled by Belgium needs a different approach to understand its problems and situation. East African world is all together different story. This part was governed by British colonial rulers who left a different kind of culture and system demolishing the ancient African cultural heritage. US President Obama’s father was also a national of East African state of Kennya.

The Prime Minister’s address to 54 African nations on 29th October, 2015 though full of fresh ideas, proposals to bring 1.25 billion Indians to 1.25 billion Africans for bringing two great civilisations of the world closer yet it did not come out with any proposal or suggestion to develop structure for sharing information between India and 54 African nations which are placed in different cultural and political platforms.

          Prof.Bhim Singh said, “My personal experience after having travelled through Africa on broken roads and even on donkeys in the Congo when he lost his motorcycle has made him to learn about the loving and the most beautiful people in the African world who have been kept aloof from the wretched of the world by the Western colonial powers.” Prof.Bhim Singh said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should propose to set up different research centre for different regions of the African world. India must understand that Africa needs much more than solar energy or FDIs in 54 African nations. India has a chance to work for African nations to re-write their history which has been destroyed by the colonial rulers; Italians (Libya), French (Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal), Netherlands (South Africa where Prince of human degradation on the basis of colour still shine sharp), Britain (East Africa and Sudan where the two nation theory is still burning the fire of division, partition and racism).

Prof.Bhim Singh hoped that media in India and the men who understand the African history and composite culture should come out boldly and fearlessly in consolidating the unity, friendship, understanding with the African people so that India and Africa can play a bigger role. It is hoped that African heads of states and the leadership from 54 countries take a cue from the Constitution of India, its democracy and respect for fundamental rights of all human beings on earth. That shall provide solar energy to every person in the East and the West. Let Africa awake and let India shine.