Bihar State Panthers Party reconstituted Shall contest about 30 Assembly seats in Bihar

The Chief Patron of National Panthers Party has reconstituted Bihar State Unit of the Panthers Party with Shri Shambhu Sharan Singh Tufan as State President, S.Yogendra Gambhir and Muneshwar Prasad Singh as General Secretaries and Shri Santosh Kumar Suman, Advocate shall be Observer with 34 members on the executive;

1). Prof. Bishwa Nath Singh, 2). Dr.Deobrat Prasad, 3). Dr. Ramchandra Prasad Singh, 4). Dr. Nirmala Singh, 5). Dr. Vijay Kumar, 6.) Dr. Ram Vinod Mishra, 7). Arun Kr. Singh, 8). Jai Shankar Prasad Singh, 9). Deepak Kumar, 10). Mohd. Mukeem Ansari, 11). Jairam Vaishya, 12). Boski Sharma (District President-Bhagalpur), 13). Virender Kumar Singh (District President-Patna), 14). Dr. Manoj Kumar Jha, 15). Arun Shukla, 16). Dr. Sanjay Pankaj, 17). Dr. Satyajit Kumar, 18). Prakash Chandra Gupta, 19). Dr. Rakesh Kumar Misha, 20). Dr. Sudhakar Mishra, 21). Sunil Kumar Pandey, 22). Satish Kumar, 23). Raj Kishore Pandey, 24). Satish Kumar, 25). Raj Kishore Pandey, 26). Mahendra Singh, 27). Chandra Mohan, 28). Dr. Shambhu Prasad, 29). Dr. Dhirendra Kumar Singh, 30). Syed Haider Ali, 31). Sushil Kumar Pathak, 32). Manish Kedia, 33). Smt. Rashmi Devi and 34). Abdul Noman Jamanbhai.   

The Bihar Pradesh Panthers Party Committee shall meet immediately before election at appropriate place to finalize the names of the candidates.

Prof.Bhim Singh, the Chief Patron of Panthers Party, Member of NIC shall be campaigning for the Panthers Party in support of its candidates in Bihar.     

A delegation led by State President  Shri Shambhu Sharan Singh Tufan with State delegation called on Prof.Bhim Singh in Delhi and requested him to campaign in Bihar for the Panthers Party so that the new generation, youth and students may be involved in the electoral battle to ensure that half finished agenda of Lok Nayak Jaiprakash shall be accomplished in Bihar to give new direction to the new generations in the country to fight and defeat rise of communalism, corruption, authoritarianism and immorality in the political life to pave the roads towards Ultimate Revolution to make India strong so that it can lead the world towards peace, tranquility and brotherhood.