Prayer for President’s intervention in J&K under Section 92 of J&K Constitution.

Hon’ble President, Sir,
I am taking this liberty inviting your kind attention to the alarming situation that has arisen or allowed to be reasoned in J&K which needs to be settled without any delay in the interest of integrity, unity and sovereignty of India. 
I have been insisting from day one the present PDP-BJP government was installed in the presence of Prime Minister of India followed by utterly irresponsible statement of the newly installed Chief Minister in the presence of Prime Minister Modi praising Pakistan for the conduct of Assembly elections in the State and thanking the terrorists/militants for their cooperation to conduct peaceful polls in J&K. This was highly intriguing message which has not been understood by the leadership of the Union Government. 
That the present J&K Govt. comprising BJP and PDP has allowed a situation to be created in the state thereby provoking communal conflict, hatred and making the administration defunct with mala fide intention to generate hatred among the innocent people of Kashmir against the Union of India and provide an open platform to the inflitrators, militants and saboteurs of peace in the state in utter violation of the law of the land. The recent conflict who were bovine killing controversy was deliberately stirred in the state by the government, both BJP in Jammu and PDP in the Valley took a matter before the High Court knowing well that there was a settled law in J&K enacted through a Royal Decree in 1864 by the then ruler, Maharaja Ranbir Singh with the consent of the representatives of both Muslims and Hindus. This matter was never disturbed by the Constituent Assembly which was established by the Monarch in 1951 under the leadership of the then Prime Minister of J&K, Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah. The Constituent Assembly did not touch this aspect as the majority community never intended to hurt the feelings of the minorities in the state. The Constituent Assembly issued a separate Constitution for J&K on 26th January, 1957 and the two important Royal Decrees issued by Maharaja Ranbir Singh in 1864 (provision on cow-slaughter and another Royal Decree issued by Maharaja Hari Singh in 1927—‘State Subject’) were not touched. Both of them have become integral part of the J&K Laws. Where was occasion to invoke this matter (by BJP activists) before the High Court? On the other hand what was the need to challenge the established law before the Srinagar Wing of J&K High Court that the law relating to this subject be quashed knowing well that this is the subject for the State Legislature to deal with. What happened following two contradictory orders, one by Jammu Wing of J&K High Court and another by Srinagar Wing of the same High Court. This needs a careful investigation. I strongly believe that this was a joint strategy of both BJP and the PDP to stir communal conflict in the state particularly at a time when Pakistan was threatening to take up the matter before the United Nations where General Assembly was to meet in the near future.
This matter needs a serious consideration by the Hon’ble President of India to find out rather identify those forces (parties) within the state who are responsible to put India on the defensive before the international fraternity when the matter comes to the notice of the international fraternity that the Govt. of J&K cannot handle even ordinary law and order situation in the state. The ugliest drama played by the PDP-BJP government is to suspend entire internet services on cell phones or entire communication between J&K (India) and rest of the country on the Eid Day. This is done to attract the attention of the international community and the Muslim brotherhood all over the world from the day of Eid that India cannot even run the administration within J&K according to the Constitution and democratic norms. Besides, the BJP-PDP government used police power to curtail the personal liberty and freedom to attend religious functions on Eid Day in Kashmir which forms an integral part of the Union of India even according to the J&K Constitution. This is matter of shame that the administration has no command over the law and order situation and would not allow the citizens of India to participate in religious activities on the Eid Day even in their homes. This is done deliberately to blackmail the Indian democracy and send a dangerous message that Muslim fraternity is not allowed even to join prayers with their brethren on Eid Day. During 100 years of Dogra Rule it never happened even when there was uprising in Kashmir against the Dogra rulers. The Dogra rulers never used authority or police power to suppress the religious leaders to participate in their religious activities. The Hon’ble President may intervene at the earliest. This is in the utter national interest. 
Mr. President, J&K has a separate Constitution, which is unfortunate though, which has insulted Section 92 which has vested supreme power in the President of India to advice the Governor of J&K to take over the rein of administration in case the Govt. fails to perform according to the Constitution and the Law. This is exactly the same situation which arose in 1990 when the Governor Rule was imposed in the state. 
Mr. President, Sir, you are the only authority who has got power vested to intervene at such times to save the unity, integrity and sovereignty of India vis-à-vis J&K. The present government has failed utterly on all fronts. The BJP and PDP have dangerous agendas, though poles apart from each others. The PDP intends to address the Kashmiri Muslim majority on the lines proposed by Oven Dixon, UN Representative I in J&K in 1951 to dissect the Muslim majority areas of Jammu Pradesh and merged them with the Valley so that Greater Islamic Republic of Kashmir, as Oven Dixon had proposed could be established. This has been the Anglo-American Agenda for six decades to destabilize India. This has to be defeated in the interest of sovereignty of India and its secular credentials. 
Hon’ble President, Sir, your intervention is very important and essential in this matter. The Constitution of J&K empowers the President to intervene without the opinion of the Union Govt. or without their advice or instruction. Your intervention shall save India forever. 
With kind regards,
Yours sincerely,
Bhim Singh