Bhim Singh welcomes entry of Dr. Mattoo into State power house, hopes for miracles

Dr. (Prof.) Amitabh Mattoo is one of India’s leading thinkers and writers on international relations. His appointment as Advisor to the Chief Minister of J&K, with the status of a Cabinet Minister has been hailed by his friends and critics both.

Prof.Bhim Singh, Supremo of NPP has welcomed Dr. Amitabh Mattoo’s entry to power house in J&K as Advisor to the Chief Minister hoping that his presence shall help the Govt. of J&K to take hard decisions with magnanimity and farsightedness for the return of peace in J&K, particularly in the Valley.

He hoped that he will be able to help work out a scientific and practical formula for the return of Kashmiri Migrants back to their motherland, Kashmir which is essential to strengthen identity of Kashmir and return of peace.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that Jammu Migrants mostly camping in Talwara camp deserve first attention. He also said that internal conflict within the state is born out of the discriminatory attitude of the state leaders towards the residents of Jammu Pradesh. He said that 15 lacs refugees in Jammu from Pak and POK, delimitation of the Assembly constituencies, Resettlement Act are some of the immediate issues that need urgent resolutions without delay.