Rajiv Gandhi’s last call to Bhim Singh on the eve (20th May, 1991) of his assassination

Prof. Bhim Singh, Supremo of National Panthers Party while paying homage to Late Shri Rajiv Gandhi on his 71st birth anniversary remembers the former Prime Minister of India that,“He was a wonderful person who had malice to none. He was victim of CIA conspiracy who understood his sentiments as a nationalist when he visited White House and fired back to a question of a so-called pro-Khalistani, American Journalist that those who are supporting Khalistan should not forget that capital of Khalistan was in Lahore, now in Pakistan”. 

This statement by the youthful Indian Prime Minister was not taken well by the CIA and American lobby who were supporting the creation of Khalistan by destabilizing India. They realized that Rajiv Gandhi is no less nationalist than Mrs. Indira Gandhi. Dr. Kessinger, Foreign Minister of USA had abused Mrs. Indira Gandhi as ‘Bitch’ when India defeated Pakistan created Bangladesh. The US hawks lobby could not digest Rajiv Gandhi’s reaction to Khalistan. Bhim Singh remembered that when he met Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat in 1992 in Tunis, Arafat told Bhim Singh on record that he had warned Rajiv Gandhi about conspiracy of the Anglo-American Bloc to liquidate him. This matter was also brought to the notice of the Inquiry Commission into Rajiv Gandhi assassinations.

Prof. Bhim Singh remembered, “It was about 11:00 p.m. on 20th May, 1991 when I received a telephone call (online) from Mr. Rajiv Gandhi who wanted me to accompany him on an election tour to Bihar on 23rd May. He told me that he wanted to see the effect of Panthers Party in Bihar and smilingly said you have to bear an old rival who is also travelling with me for election campaign. I returned by consent to Rajiv Gandhi. I have no rival on earth except myself which always travels with me. He laughed. We agreed”. 

His assassination next day are 14/15 hours after my interaction was a great shock to me. I felt his departure.  His assassination has left a deep wound in my heart.

He was great hope of India, a wonderful person his death change the course of its destiny forever. These are flowers for him on his birth anniversary from my side.

Assembly of Jammuites to discuss the Magna Carta of Jammu Pradesh to end discrimination

Assembly of Jammuites shall be held on 22nd August, 2015 at Jammu Club, Jammu.  Senior members of the civil society and notables from different walks of life have been invited by Prof. Bhim Singh, Supremo of National Panthers Party for its discussion to formulate the ‘Magna Carta for the people of Jammu Pradesh so that 67 years serfdom of the people of Jammu is brought to an end and people of Jammu Pradesh from Poonch to Kishtwar and Kathua to Banihal could live with human dignity. So that all forms of discrimination with the people of Jammu Pradesh shall end forever. May they be students, youth, workmen, traders, farmers, ex-servicemen or employees or others.

24-points charter called the Magna Carta of Jammu Pradesh shall be presented by Prof. Bhim Singh before the August Assembly of Jammuites with an effort that a consensus of the civil society and political activist may be evolved for final resolution of the painful situation prevailing today in Jammu and Kashmir.

Prof. Bhim Singh said after this exercise a similar charter shall be discussed and brought out for the eradication of the sufferings of the people of Kashmir Valley by according a statehood to both Kashmir Valley and Jammu Pradesh.

150 invitees shall be the including representatives of all political parties except the ruling parties in J&K.