Pak should break out from mindset of duplicity, deceit & belligerence: Harsh

JKNPP activists today staged a massive demonstration outside Pakistan High Commission, New Delhi in protest against the gross interference of Pakistan in the internal affairs of India and its overt and covert support to secessionists and terrorists in J&K. Led by Mr. Harsh Dev Singh, Chairman and former Minister, hundreds of JKNPP leaders and activists including Young Panthers President, Mr. Yashpaul Kundal raised anti-Pak slogans and accusing Pakistan for converting J&K into a vortex of violence. They were carrying National Flags and raised slogans against illegal occupation of Indian Territory of J&K by Pakistan. They also demanded Pakistan to vacate all occupied territories of India including Gilgit-Baltistan, Chitral (which Pakistan has declared as its 6th province) in violation of UN Resolution dated 13.08.1948. The ardent protestors amidst the heated exchanges and scuffles with the cops in front of the Pak High Commission were arrested and detained in the Chanakyapuri Police Station.

pak-protest-1Addressing the gathering on the occasion, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh lambasted Pakistan for its pernicious designs in aiding and abetting militancy in J&K and elsewhere in the country in furtherance of its wicked designs of causing destabilization in the state. He castigated Pakistan for its highly malicious and mischievous actions and designs in sponsoring militancy particularly in J&K and pushing in indoctrinated traitors to vitiate peace and tranquility on our side of the borders. Admonishing Pakistan for its terror training camps, its Hawala deals, its drug trafficking, its moral and material support to secessionism besides its highly malicious propaganda in the print and electronic media, against India, Mr. Singh lamented that Pak’s notoriety had assumed alarming and monstrous proportions. He said that hoisting of Pak & ISIS flags had become a routine feature in the state with the proven support of Pakistan. He said that recent militant attacks in Samroli, Chenani and Basantgarh areas of Distt.Udhampur had created an alarm in Jammu region with the Pak sponsored terrorists having managed their entry into the once considered safe zones. He condemned the unprecedented ceasefire violations by Pakistan which had threatened the very life and survival of the border residents besides causing huge loss to their livestock, standing crops, houses and agricultural fields. Castigating the hostile neighbour for its highly dubious deals, Mr. Singh cautioned Pakistan to break out from the mindset of duplicity, deceit and belligerence that it has embarked upon and to stop meddling in the Affairs of J&K. He further called for vacation of Pak aggression from the occupied territories of J&K which are very much a part of Jammu and Kashmir. He said that Union Parliament had also passed a resolution in 1994 for liberating POJK as this same fell within the domain of Indian Union. Ridiculing the BJP over its muscle flexing while in opposition, he questioned the Saffron Party as to where had its patriotic euphoria vanished despite Pak’s blatant interference in J&K affairs brazen support to the separatism in Kashmir. He said that JKNPP was constrained to lodge a protest as the BJP despite its jingoistic harangues and rhetorical overtures had abdicated its responsibility of questioning the belligerent nation over its misadventures and violent posturing.

Mr. Harsh Dev Singh while condemning Pakistan for inciting violence and trouble in J&K called upon the international community to take cognizance of the utter hostility and belligerence of the neighbouring country. He said that Pakistan had created dozens of terror groups in the name of ‘Jehad’ who were resorting to violence and propagating secession and separatism. He said that J&K is an integral part of India and no power on earth can change this fact.

Mr. Yashpaul Kundal while warning Pakistan to desist from its highly mischievous and hostile conduct said that the Union Govt. must give a blunt message to Pakistan restraining it from indulging in day dreaming on the issue of J&K. He said that the Nation was eagerly awaiting the tough posturing against Pakistani misadventures as emphatically proclaimed by Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi on scores of occasions. He said that it must be clear to all that the national security is paramount and no compromise on the same is acceptable in any situation.

Mr. Kundal called upon Pakistan to rein-in its paid agents in J&K and refrain from any further misadventures in the interests of peace in South Asia. He further maintained that increase in the frequency of the ceasefire violations besides proxy war launched in the State of J&K by Pakistan called for stern measures against the rogue nation by taking the world community into confidence.
protest-pak-3protest-pak-2Prof.Bhim Singh, Supremo of National Panthers Party condemned the detention of the Panthers Party leaders and activists and described it as violation of their fundamental rights which they enjoy being citizens of India. He said that the Modi Govt. should understand the language and the message which had been brought by JKNPP leaders from J&K that J&K was India, is India and shall be India. He said that Pakistan has been violating ceasefire at International Border and LoC this is the reminder of JKNPP which should be understood by the Central leadership.

Others who joined the protest demonstration included M/s. Rajiv Jolly Khosla, Vilakshan Singh, Neeraj Gupta, Romesh Khajuria, Kuldip Kumar, S. Pramjit Singh Marshal, Romesh Kumar, Ashok Kumar Khour, Smt. Sudesh Dogra, Nirmal Kishore, Surjit Singh Guleria, Ravinder Pandita, Vijay Spolia, Kali Ram Tomar, Bhawani Maharaj, A.J. Rajan, Mohd. Faheem, Kuldip Kumar, Rangil Singh, Balwinder Kumar, Ms. Asha Rani, Ms. Jeevan Jyoti, Om Kishan, Swami Omji and others.


SC has no jurisdiction to transfer its case J&K High Court-Questions Sr. Advocate, Prof.Bhim Singh

Arguing flood fury petition before the Supreme Court of India filed by J&k National Panthers Party seeking intervention of the SC for relief and rehabilitation of the flood victims who suffered loss of lives and properties during September 2014 unprecedented floods and rains in J&K, Sr. Advocate, Prof.Bhim Singh strongly opposed the transfer of the petition to the High Court of J&K. A Division Bench of Supreme Court comprising JJ Mr. Madan B. Lokur and Mr. Justice Uday Umesh Lalit yesterday had directed all the cases including writ petition filed by JKNPP shall be transferred to the High Court of J&K for further hearing.

Prof.Bhim Singh reminded the Supreme Court that the people of J&K have faith in the Supreme Court of India and in spite of all exploitations by politicians against the accession, they knock at the doors of the Supreme Court for justice. He challenged the decision of the Division Bench to transfer the case to J&K High Court after having heard the matter for nearly one year and issued important directions to the Union of India and the J&K government. In his heated arguments, Prof.Bhim Singh told the court that it shall be great injustice with the victims of floods as well as victims of discriminatory treatment with the people of J&K who have suffered from both the act of court and failure of J&K government to provide them relief. He said that the Supreme Court must realize that this is the sensitive matter as Union of India which is a source of delivery of financial aid cannot reach out in J&K as Attorney General of India himself has been representing this case and argued earlier for hours. The Supreme Court needs presence of the Attorney General who shall not be able to reach High Court Bench in Srinagar where a sponsored PIL was filed before the Srinagar Bench of J&K High Court.

Carrying his arguments for the Prof.Bhim Singh told the court that such an order/direction depriving the people of J&K of an opportunity to represent this case before the Supreme Court shall add to another disaster. He said the anti-national elements and the foreign agencies have been advocating to represent the people of J&K to seek relief from the Supreme Court. He also argued that the Supreme Court is not competent to transfer a case pending before the Supreme Court to a High Court of J&K which is not (is not) High Court of Judicature. He said that J&K High Court is the creation of J&K Constitution which is a separate Constitution without having any provision on the fundamental rights in it. He reminded the sitting judges that Constitution of India is not applicable to the citizens in J&K. He said that it was Supreme Court which had inspired faith in the people of J&K and Constitution of India and Army which has been protecting them from foreign terrorism for 67 years. He said that it is not possible for a lawyer to go from Delhi to represent the Panthers Party in Srinagar because of security reason. He asked the Hon’ble Judges, “Shall you provide me security to represent this case in Srinagar/Kashmir? Shall you provide security to the petitioners, JKNPP leaders to represent their case before the High Court in Srinagar? He asked when this court has constituted a committee which is being reconstituted why not court should seek report from the government of J&K and Central government for its report as directed by this court?

Prof.Bhim Singh described this order of the Division Bench of Supreme Court of India as unfortunate and unacceptable as it shall defeat the aspirations of the nationalist residents of J&K who still hold great faith in a Supreme Court of India.

A Supreme Court Division Bench headed former Chief Justice, Mr. Justice R.M. Lodha had constituted a committee who monitor the relief and rehabilitation measures in its order dated 24.09.2014 directing the Chief Justice of J&K;

i).      One of the Senior Registrars nominated by the Chief Justice of the Jammu & Kashmir High Court posted at Srinagar.

ii).     Secretary, Revenue Relief and Rehabilitation, Government of Jammu & Kashmir.

iii).    Nominee of the Union of India, to be intimated by the learned Attorney General within three days.

iv).    President, Jammu and Kashmir High Court Bar Association at Srinagar.

v).     President, Jammu and Kashmir High Court Bar Association at Jammu.

Prof.Bhim Singh protested strongly that particular committee had met only once and submitted only one interim report on 9th October after visiting only 5% of flood ravaged areas according to the letter of J&K Revenue Secretary. The committee meeting was never called again and the State government changed forgetting the Supreme Court orders and judgments relating to the delivery of justice to the flood victims.