Memorandum to Union Home Ministry Harsh petitions HM for redressal of grievances of SPOs of J&K

Shri Harsh Dev Singh, Chairman-JKNPP and former Minister today submitted memorandum in the Office of Shri Rajnath Singh, Union Minister for Home Affairs in New Delhi for redressal of the long pending grievances of SPOs of J&K State with particular reference to discrimination being doled out to Jammu region SPOs. The memorandum read as under:-

“The JKNPP expresses its grave concern over the highly contemptuous and derisive treatment doled out to the SPOs of Jammu region in J&K State. It is deplorable that the State & Union governments have adopted a callous approachtowards the concerns of such police officials who are performing significant role in the security apparatus of the state. The anger and disgust among the SPOs has assumed explosive proportions due to the highly indifferent and culpably negligent attitude of the government towards their woes. It may be mentioned that the State and Central governments had doled out infinite assurances to SPOs including time bound promotions as constables, periodic regularization in regular police establishment, enhancement of remuneration, extension of benefits of SRO 43 etc. but all of them proved to be hyperboles.

English: A view the Leh palace in the Ladakh r...

English: A view the Leh palace in the Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir

It is however regrettable  that rather than addressing the issues of SPOs as a class, the state govt. last week resorted to the most obnoxious discrimination by regularizing 672 SPOs all from Kashmir region to the utter neglect of Jammu region. As per reports 179 SPOs of Kashmir were regularized in first list and 493 in the second list without mentioning a word about the Jammu region SPOs. Such kind of hostile treatment to Jammu region police officials amounts to sprinkling salt over their wounds and had created lot of unrest and resentment with SPOs of the region up in arms against the highly scornful treatment doled out to them on regional lines. Thousands of SPOs of Jammu region had threatened mass resignations due to the highly discriminatory and hostile treatment doled out to them. It therefore becomes all the more important to rectify the imbalance, not only the issue of regularization but enhancement of honorarium of SPOs had also been pushed into the oblivion despite repeated announcements. During erstwhile 12th J&K Legislative Assembly, the government had categorically announced to enhance the honorarium of SPOs to Rs.10,000/- which proposal however remained in limbo with the present government pronouncing to restrict it to Rs. 6,000/- which too has not fructified. Despite loud exhortations and repeated promises by State as well as Central Ministers, no action has been taken. The present remuneration of Rs.3000/-  was not only violative of Minimum Wages Act but constituted the worst form of human rights violation in respect of the said police officials who were performing 24×7 duties. The sensitive nature of duties and onerous responsibilities performed by them further called for expeditious redressal of their grievances and genuine demands.

JKNPP further demand extension of the benefits of SRO 43 to cover the SPOs as well. This was necessary in view of larger threat element associated with this category of employees. It further demands adequate payment of ex-gratia to the dependants of SPOs on identical lines and on the analogy of regular constables. It further demands clearance of all dues and arrears of wages of SPOs and VDC members.

JKNPP further expresses its concern over the plight of VDCs, Home Guards and the government apathy towards their issues. JKNPP urges upon the Union Home Ministry to address their genuine issues and take immediate measures for fulfilling their long pending demands as assured repeatedly by State and Central governments.”

Others who accompanied Mr. Harsh Dev Singh included Mr. Rajiv Jolly Khosla, Mrs. Sudesh Dogra and Mr. Surjit Singh Guleria.

Samroli Attack? NPP Supremo raises questions to be answered

“It is small village on the slope of the hill about 13 kms. (east) to Udhampur Army Hqrs. This is the Army Headquarters in northern India which takes care of the enemies’ movement from the west (Pakistan) and the east (China). There are several questions which need to be answered. The investigation has to be conducted by Army Intelligence and the experts on terrorism. This is not the job of NIA or the conventional agencies to dig out the most complicated issues relating to terrorism across the border.”

Briefed the media by Prof.Bhim Singh, NPP Supremo who represented Samroli (Chenani Assembly Constituency) in Udhampur District for more than a decade. This area is a hot den of the Panthers Party that falls in Udhampur District hardly 12 kms. away on the Highway.

Prof.Bhim Singh has had a long experience dealing with militancy in J&K for over quarter of a century. He is the one who experienced commando operations during PLO movement against Israeli occupation in Palestine.  He is not convinced by the story floated by the agencies of Govt. of J&K. He does not rubbish the issue relating to this incident floated by the street voices. He told the media that the main questions arise;

  1. How the terrorists managed to cross in entire Valley over to the skirts of highly managed army zone around Udhampur Military Headquarters of Northern Command?
  2. How the terrorists carrying heavy explosives and guns managed to cross the LoC from Kupwara District of Kashmir Valley and then sail safety through the Banihal Tunnel to Udhampur District?
  3. Where did they stay and who looked after their movement during their stay in Kashmir Valley and Jammu? Who arranged their guides and who were the guides?
  4. Does the smiling terrorist speak Kashmiri or Pahari or Punjabi or Urdu?
  5. Did the terrorist caught tried to resist when surrounded by the local villagers?
  6. Was his gun loaded at the time of his surrender? If he has what made him to hand over his loaded guns to his enemies?
  7. Can anybody imagine that die heart terrorist trained in Pakistan to sabotage like India could be tide with string like a cat and pull from the top hill to the road side by unarmed villagers?
  8. Did this incident divert the entire intention of the Jammuites from the fight for AIIMS towards fight with Pakistan?

This is military intelligence that has to find out the truth that needs to be reviewed in-depth by the defence elite.