NPP Supremo exposed myth behind Art. 35(A) & 370 As source of discrimination & injustice

While addressing a press conference in Srinagar this morning, Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party urged Governor of J&K, Shri N.N. Vohra to dismiss BJP-PDP government and save J&K from death, destruction, anarchy and mis-governance. NPP Supremo said that there is Emergency like situation in the state and no governance at all. 60,000 casual employees fired, 30,000 SPOs treated as bonded labour, contractual employees are being exploited and those who suffered in the floods in the last year have not been paid any relief at all. He said BJP and BJP government is busy in the loot of the exchequer and the state is under serious security threat.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that this is for the reason of Article 370 & newly introduced Article 35(A) which empower State government to make any Law or Laws to discriminate with the citizens, youth, labours, employees and others at the wish of the government. He said that there is no fundamental right guaranteed in J&K Constitution which keeps Indian Constitution out of its jurisdiction in J&K. He said that fundamental rights available to citizens of India are not available to the permanent residents of the state. No legality, no equity, discrimination between the residents in the same category. He said Jammu Migrant is paid a relief of Rs.200/- per month whereas a Kashmir Migrant enjoying the same status gets Rs.4000/- per head per month. He said that J&K Assembly has been allotted a tenure of six years and the refugees from Pak and POK have not been given any compensation for the property which they had to leave behind in 1947. The land in J&K was acquired by force without any compensation at all, whereas discrimination persists in compensation and relief to the security men belonging to the State and outside. Any security man killed by the militants or terrorists get Rs.1 lac, if it is Indian citizen, whereas a local ‘State Subject’ is given Rs.5 lacs even if both of them are martyred in the same operation and in the same situation in J&K.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that the latest decision of J&K High Court on Article 35(A) is very unfortunate, discriminatory, unacceptable in the State which has held that J&K Legislature is sovereign thus declaring that Parliament of India and the State Legislature in J&K have same power and authority. This decision has encouraged the moral of the militants, terrorists and anti-national elements in the state. He declared the Panthers Party shall challenge the validity of this verdict in the High Court.

Prof.Bhim Singh also released his latest book on visit to Pakistan,‘Unbelievable—Delhi to Islamabad’. Prof.Bhim Singh was invited by the Pak-Supreme Court Bar Association and Lawyers Congress Lahore, Pakistan last year. Prominent among those who were present in the press conference included State Vice President, Masood Andrabi, General Secretary, Mansoor Naik, Provincial President, Farooq Ahmed Dar, General Secretary, Panthers Trade Union, Sewa Singh Bali, State Secretary, Mehboob Illahi and others.

Several Panthers Party activists arrested in front of Parliament

Several Panthers Party activists, mostly Delhi Pradesh Panthers Party office bearers led by Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party were forcibly evicted, dragged and loaded into the police buses by Delhi Police from the front Parliament Gate facing Vijay Chowk at 12.40 p.m. this afternoon when the Panthers Party staged a massive protest in front of the Parliament which was in its first day of the Session. The Panthers Party led by Prof.Bhim Singh were demanding dismissal of PDP-BJP government in J&K, imposition of Governor Rule, dismissal of the J&K Assembly, installation of AIIMS at Jammu, delimitation in J&K, comprehensive settlement of Pak and POK refugees and end of all forms of terrorism including the State terrorism in J&K. Several Panthers Party leaders were injured during clashes with police, which included Prof.Bhim Singh, Mr. Surjit Singh Guleria, Mr. Romesh Khajuria, Mr. Balwinder Khosla, Mr. A.J. Rajan Mehfooz Khan and others.

Prof.Bhim Singh was snatched by the Panthers Party volunteers from the Police hand and carried on the shoulders towards the Parliament Gate in the middle of open and wild confrontation between the Panthers Party workers and the police.

demo-3Among those arrested were, Rajiv Jolly Khosla (Delhi Pradesh Panthers Party President), Romesh Khajuria (Sr. Vice President), Dildar Hussain Beg, (General Secretary-DPNPP), Mehfooz Khan, Mohd. Fahim, Advocate Santosh Suman (Observer, Bihar Pradesh), Kali Ram Tomar (Chairman, Bhartiya Samata Samaj), Balwinder Khosla (Panthers Trade Union Leader), K.K. Raghav (General Secretary, Bhartiya Samata Samaj), Bhawani Maharaj (Advisor, BSS), Sewa Singh (Leader of Ex-servicemen), A.J. Rajan (President, Tamilnadu Residents in Delhi), Ms. Dimple Peter (Secretary-Women Power, Delhi Panthers Party) including Mrs. Sudesh Dogra (Political Secretary-NPP).

The memorandum (attached) was also submitted to the President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee at Rashtrapati Bhawan by the representatives of NPP seeking his urgent intervention.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that this was only symbolic show of Panthers Party power in capital against Modi sarkar which is failed miserably in J&K and needs to go. Talking to the party workers in front of Parliament Prof.Bhim Singh said that twin states with Kashmir Valley and Jammu Pradesh is the only solution. Demanded immediate dismissal of the BJP-PDP government.

Nearly 100 Panthers Party volunteers were sent to police station Parliament Street after the clashes with police at the gates of Parliament.

Memorandum to Hon’ble Shri Pranab Kumar Mukherjee, the President of India


Hon’ble President, Sir,

National Panthers Party (JKNPP) would like to take this liberty making the following submission for your kind consideration and follow up action in the interest of the security of the state and security of the citizens of India in the border state of J&K.

Hon’ble Sir, J&K has been in a state of anarchy ever since the present coalition government comprising BJP and PDP has taken over the reign of power in the state.

1.                 The two political parties have been working poles apart in seeking the advantage of the ruling parties to serve their respective interests in Kashmir Valley and Jammu Pradesh.

2.                 The PDP led by Mufti Mohd. Sayeed is engaged to address their constituency in Kashmir Valley by exploiting the people, particularly the youth, against India and encouraging the saboteurs of peace and harmony, allowing the people to raise banners of revolt against the Union of India, National Flag and the national interest.

3.                 The BJP on the other hand has been exploiting the people in Jammu Pradesh in the name of petty interest and exploiting the people to further communal divide created by the ruling parties during the election campaign.

4.                 That both the parties are, it appears, busy in promoting Oven Dixon Plan to divide Jammu Pradesh on communal lines to create situation favourable for Dixon Plan.

5.                 That the state has failed to defend the state interest and the national interest in the High Court with the result that on 16th July, 2015, a Division Bench of J&K High Court has given an unacceptable judgment by holding sovereignty of J&K Constitution over the Constitution of India and rejecting the doctrine of the supremacy of Parliament.

6.                 That AIIMS was declared for Jammu Pradesh in 2003 and now it is being shifted to Kashmir Valley which has angered the people of Jammu Pradesh and they have together chosen streets to settle the score and seek justice.

7.                 That 15 lacs refugees from Pak and POK have not been settled in 65 years and there is no hope under the present government to ensure comprehensive settlement of Pak and POK refugees.

8.                 That Jammu Migrants have been denied the relief ordered by the Supreme Court in a judgment delivered on 13th July, 2007 asking the state government and the Union to pay dues to the Jammu Migrants, mostly camping at Talwara, Reasi Districts of Jammu to the tune of Rs.21 crores. The Jammu Migrants have not been given relief at par with Kashmiri Migrants through both migrants were driven out of their homes by the terrorists during the militancy.

9.                 That the infiltration from across the international border and LoC has not been stopped for the reason that the Govt. of J&K has taken a miled view towards this situation rather the State government has been encouraging the anti-national elements to challenge the Constitution of India and even the Defence forces.

It is in this regard that the Panthers Party is making this protest in front of the Parliament urging Your Excellency for the intervention of President of India for urgent action vis-à-vis J&K. This is possible only by your intervention by invoking the authority invested in the President of India to amend Article 370 and powering Parliament of India to legislate on J&K. Article 35(A) is obnoxious, criminal attempt to sabotage national interest and has been introduced in violation of Article 370 itself. The Hon’ble President may be pleased to scrap Article 35(A), amend Article 370 and in the meantime authorized Governor of J&K to invoke Section 92 of J&K Constitution. The Governor should dismiss the present Assembly, promulgate Governor Rule and go for fresh elections to the Assembly so that free and fair polls may be held to give democracy and peace a chance in the state. It shall be in the interest of preserving Indian democracy in J&K as J&K was, is and shall be integral part of the Union of India. This is the mandate of the Constitution of India supported by the Constitution of J&K.

With warm regards,

All set for Dixon Plan in J&K BJP-PDP gets push after HC judgment

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party today urged President of India for his urgent intervention under Article 370 to save J&K as integral part of India because the present coalition government in J&K has been playing in the hands of anti-national and secessionist forces which is evident from hoisting Pak and ISI flags at every public place whereas they did not give peace a chance on the Eid day even.
          NPP Supremo said that ceasefire has not stopped because ISI is sending terrorists under the cover of firing. The state government is unable to take any action against the forces hostile to the Union and integrity of India.
          Prof.Bhim Singh said that hostile forces, anti-nationals and the terrorists have received a boost from the High Court of J&K which in its judgment dated 16th July, 2015 has come out against the Constitution of India announcing that the Constitution of J&K is over and above the Constitution of India. They have also challenged the authority of the Parliament. In its judgment High Court has held that Constitution of J&K is superior and further added that Article 35(A) (as amended by the Parliament) has given supremacy to the legislature of J&K over the laws made by the Parliament. It is interesting to note that Article 370, though, a temporary provision which has lasted for more than 65 years being temporary and transitional in nature. The High Court judgment has raised the moral of anti-national and secessionist forces.
          NPP urged the President of India to exercise his authority vested in him by virtue of Article 370. First he should scrap 35(A) which is illegal, unconstitutional, undesirable amendment which Parliament could have not done as Parliament has no authority to legislate to disturb status quo in the state. The President has the power to amend Article 370 and this is the time that he should amend this Article by declaring that Parliament is competent to make any law in respect of J&K.
          Prof.Bhim Singh said that people of Jammu Pradesh who have made unparalleled sacrifices to uphold unity, integrity, sovereignty of India vis-à-vis J&K. They have been treated with discrimination and humiliation both by the ruling parties in the state as well as the successive Central governments. The latest example, he said, is the establishment of AIIMS at Jammu which was declared by Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee government in 2003. The BJP once again cheated the people of Jammu by persuading them to call of their protest as AIIMS shall be declared on 20th July. What happened today is before the whole country. He appealed all the intelligentsia, civil society, social and political activists from different walks of life to join the platform of the Panthers Party and lead the people of Jammu towards freedom, dignity and for the restoration of their identity which is under threat in the present system. He declared, “Twin states” is the only answer, Kashmir Valley and Jammu Pradesh.                                               

Bhim Singh extends Eid Greetings to Muslim fraternity all over the globe

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party, Chairman of Indo-Palestine Friendship Society & President of Indo-Arab Solidarity Council extended Eid Greetings to the Muslim fraternity all over the world on this day wishing a prosperous, happy and dignified living of all. He also hoped that the Muslim fraternity shall work together to ensure that Palestine gets its sovereign state status back and Israel is forced by international community to implement UN Resolutions vis-à-vis Palestine  namely, 194 (on rehabilitation of refugees), 242 & 338 forcing Israel to vacate all Arab territories it occupied in 1948 and later in 1967 including Jerusalem. Prof.Bhim Singh said that as long as new Jewish settlements on Palestinian lands are not stopped and vacated there could be no peace.

Prof.Bhim Singh also extended Eid Greetings to the Muslim fraternity at home, in J&K and in the rest of the country hoping that all the people shall get social security and peace the day Parliament shall introduce fundamental rights in J&K which have remained denied to the residents of J&K ever since J&K acceded to the Union of India in 1947.

Paying tributes to Sardar Mohd. Abdul Qayyum Khan, a renowned political leader of J&K whose absence on Eid day is being felt in the sub-continent.