Gurdaspur Police Station attack, undeclared aggression, needs befitting response

“Gurdaspur terrorists’ attack is condemnable and undeclared aggression by the enemies whosoever, it may be. The Prime Minister should convene all party meeting without delay and seek a magnanimity on the action that India shall have to take in the interest of sovereignty, integrity and security of the country.” Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party said in his statement from Srinagar.

The important thing that he said noticed was that there is lack of coordination between different states and Central agencies and paramilitary forces in Punjab as is the case in J&K. He said that it is surprising that the government has not been able to determine or identify the terrorists who struck a blow to peace in Punjab. Similar attacks were organized by the ISI in the police stations of Hiranagar and Army Station of Samba last year. The agencies failed to identify the terrorists/attackers. Even an inquiry to those attacks in Hiranagar or Samba were not conducted. Which showed apathy on the part of NC-Congress government in J&K last year.

Prof.Bhim Singh said as per reports seven policemen, six civilians and two terrorists died in this incident but no details have been given about the identity of the terrorists.

Prof.Bhim Singh urged President of India to use his special power and authorize Army to take over the defense of International Borders in Punjab and J&K.

The Panthers Party also held a condolence meeting in the memory of the Indian citizens and the policemen praising their spirit to resist the enemy even when they were totally defenseless.

NPP Supremo exposed myth behind Art. 35(A) & 370 As source of discrimination & injustice

While addressing a press conference in Srinagar this morning, Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party urged Governor of J&K, Shri N.N. Vohra to dismiss BJP-PDP government and save J&K from death, destruction, anarchy and mis-governance. NPP Supremo said that there is Emergency like situation in the state and no governance at all. 60,000 casual employees fired, 30,000 SPOs treated as bonded labour, contractual employees are being exploited and those who suffered in the floods in the last year have not been paid any relief at all. He said BJP and BJP government is busy in the loot of the exchequer and the state is under serious security threat.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that this is for the reason of Article 370 & newly introduced Article 35(A) which empower State government to make any Law or Laws to discriminate with the citizens, youth, labours, employees and others at the wish of the government. He said that there is no fundamental right guaranteed in J&K Constitution which keeps Indian Constitution out of its jurisdiction in J&K. He said that fundamental rights available to citizens of India are not available to the permanent residents of the state. No legality, no equity, discrimination between the residents in the same category. He said Jammu Migrant is paid a relief of Rs.200/- per month whereas a Kashmir Migrant enjoying the same status gets Rs.4000/- per head per month. He said that J&K Assembly has been allotted a tenure of six years and the refugees from Pak and POK have not been given any compensation for the property which they had to leave behind in 1947. The land in J&K was acquired by force without any compensation at all, whereas discrimination persists in compensation and relief to the security men belonging to the State and outside. Any security man killed by the militants or terrorists get Rs.1 lac, if it is Indian citizen, whereas a local ‘State Subject’ is given Rs.5 lacs even if both of them are martyred in the same operation and in the same situation in J&K.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that the latest decision of J&K High Court on Article 35(A) is very unfortunate, discriminatory, unacceptable in the State which has held that J&K Legislature is sovereign thus declaring that Parliament of India and the State Legislature in J&K have same power and authority. This decision has encouraged the moral of the militants, terrorists and anti-national elements in the state. He declared the Panthers Party shall challenge the validity of this verdict in the High Court.

Prof.Bhim Singh also released his latest book on visit to Pakistan,‘Unbelievable—Delhi to Islamabad’. Prof.Bhim Singh was invited by the Pak-Supreme Court Bar Association and Lawyers Congress Lahore, Pakistan last year. Prominent among those who were present in the press conference included State Vice President, Masood Andrabi, General Secretary, Mansoor Naik, Provincial President, Farooq Ahmed Dar, General Secretary, Panthers Trade Union, Sewa Singh Bali, State Secretary, Mehboob Illahi and others.