NPP Supremo calls 2-day Assembly on Aug. 22 for consensus on Jammu State

Prof.Bhim Singh, Founder-Supremo of National Panthers Party and Member of National Integration has convened a meeting of the representatives from different disciplines and political ideologues to work out a consensus for the reorganization of J&K with a mission to re-establish Jammu Pradesh, Kashmir Valley and Ladakh-Baltistan with full statehood status to all the three units as it were the case before 1846. Prof.Bhim Singh has invited several leading notables from different walks of life to seek their opinion/views to achieve this goal with a consensus of the people of Kashmir Valley and Ladakh. He said this is the only way that people of the three regions shall feel secured, comfortable and strengthen mutual confidence measures among the residents of the three units. Prof.Bhim Singh had founded J&K National Panthers Party in 1982 after resigning from the Congress Party and Legislative Assembly of J&K with a mission that respect, dignity and fundamental rights of the people of the three regions need to be fully protected, honoured and projected without any interruption or suspicion. He feels that people of the Valley felt that they were ruled by the Dogras for nearly 100 years, 1846 to 1947. The people of Jammu and Ladakh have been feeling otherwise that they have been misruled and discriminated at all levels by the successive governments since 1947 with revengeful attitude against the people of Jammu particularly the Dogras. He feels that the Dogras wrote geography of Bharata by their supreme sacrifices yet they were never given equal participation in any discipline or development. There are several instances to prove that the people of Jammu may they be Dogras, Paharies, Gujjars or from any other fraternity have been treated harsh and rubbished like mini-serfs. Jammu and Ladakh literally were converting into colonies of the rulers who included some opportunist and hostile political outfits from Jammu Pradesh.

In his letter (produced below), Prof.Bhim Singh has invited a discussion on the open platform about the need to reorganize the state by providing equal opportunities and fundamental rights to the people of the entire state. He also holds Parliament of India and the Indian leadership responsible for the present state of affairs prevailing in J&K. The people of J&K have been deprived of their fundamental rights in the so-called Constitution of J&K which is extra-constitutional document used to enslaved the people of Jammu and Ladakh and suppress the voice of dissent and freedom in the Kashmir Valley so that ‘saitan’ never dies and the people never get equality and freedom.

“After long deliberations we arrived almost at a consensus which concluded with 25 points agenda of the Panthers Party for 2015 which covers most of the issues concerning the citizens residing in Jammu Pradesh from Poonch to Kishtwar and Lakhanpur to Banihal Tunnel.

The residents you may identify as Dogras and allied fraternity Paharies, Gujjars, Gaddies and others including the refugees from Pakistan and POK without ignoring the plight of Jammu Migrants and the unemployed or under employed youth.

We are planning to hold a long Assembly for couple of days in August to seek advice and consultation of the NPP leadership from the Block level to the State level so that the broader opinion may be brought to the notice of the civil society and all political parties to ensure reorganization of the state.

You may also prepare your brief notes which may include amendments, improvements, additions or even substraction in the 25-point Agenda so that the Panthers Party shall be able to present a fool proof agenda to the people of J&K in support of reorganization of the State i.e. creation of Jammu Pradesh, Kashmir Valley and Ladakh State.

We shall welcome the proposals from any quarter or from any political party or individuals. All such notes shall be entertained by or before 15th August, 2015.

Two days Assembly of the participants shall be held in Jammu on 22nd August, 2015.”