People of India congratulate Cuban victory after 54 years of their resistance, hoped Palestine is the next

“People of India join millions and millions of people all over the world on their great victory when the government headed by President Obama of the USA recognized the full sovereignty of the people of Cuba and lifted all illegal and inhuman sanctions and restrictions on the movement of the great people of Cuba. The people of Cuba were brought under the US shadows of guns, nuclear weapons with full economic, diplomatic and political sanctions against Cuba since 1961. It was only the then USSR which stood by the people of Cuba which was led by its great revolutionary leader, Mr. Fidel Castro. The people of India salute the people of Cuba, now under the leadership of Mr. Raul Castro which has realized the real freedom, sovereignty and right of movement with full international rights.” This was the message of congratulation which was communicated to the Cuban leader, Raul Castro by Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party and a noted human rights activist in India.

Prof.Bhim Singh expressed hope that President Obama shall exercise his power and authority vis-à-vis Palestine and fulfill the promise and commitment his predecessor, President Bill Clinton made with President Yasir Arafat in the White House in full view of the world. President Clinton had promised full statehood to Palestine in the presence of the leaders of Palestine and Israel in the White House. NPP Supremo said that Palestine has not been granted statehood only because the US Zionist lobby is opposed to granting sovereignty to Palestine.

Prof.Bhim Singh also urged Pope Francis that Vetican shall use all its powers and influence to ensure sovereign state status to Palestine at the earliest so that the Palestinians also can breathe free air and share human rights with the people of international community. He hoped that both President Obama and the Pope shall achieve this goal in the interest of international peace, justice and humanity.