Geelani is as good Indian as Dr. Karan Singh or Dr. Farooq Abdullah, passport is constitutional right of every citizen

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party in a scathing attack on the power that be in Delhi or in Srinagar said that granting/issuing a passport in favour of any Indian citizen is no favour rather it is a constitutional right of every Indian to have passport. Refusing passport to Mr. Ali Shah Geelani or questioning his integrity as a citizen of India amounts to defamation and state cannot be absolved from its responsibility to let every Indian get his passport whenever he/she wishes and wherever they intend to go (unless a visit to that country is prohibited/banned by an Indian Law).

The news items appearing in a section of press that an Ex-MLA, J&K, 84 years old Geelani has been refused passport are highly undesirable and unacceptable to any nationalist or Indian because every citizen unless he is disqualified as a right to obtain a passport.

Prof.Bhim Singh accusd the State and Centre agencies for coining some prominent/known political activists as ‘separatists’ only to suit their marketing in J&K. He said every permanent resident of J&K State is unquestionably citizen of India. What is the wrong if Mr. Geelani swears to uphold unity, integrity and sovereignty of India which is required under the Passport Act. How his right to obtain a passport can be denied, he questioned. It did not matter where the passport holder intends to go.

Prof.Bhim Singh questioned Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi whether he considers all opposition leaders or critics of his RSS-PDP run government as separatist? He asked Prime Minister Modi to spell out the meaning of separatist and stop the vested interest from maligning the national residents in J&K who are no less citizens of India than others.