Contractual government jobs’ offer One more fraud with youth, scratch it

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party condemned the new contractual jobs’ policy of J&K government which he said is most ruthless assault on the fundamental rights of the youth to work on the principles laid down by the Supreme Court, equal wages (salary) for equal job. He appealed the youth to reject this policy with all their might and strength and oppose, expose and depose the anti-people and anti-youth government in the state.

Prof.Bhim Singh reminded the youth that government of Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah in 1981 passed a Law to provide half of the salaries to the new recruitment in the government jobs. It was this author (Bhim Singh), who opposed the Sheikh’s government on this issue with result he was expelled by the Congress Party which was headed by Mufti Mohd. Sayeed. Prof.Bhim Singh was opposed by all sections of people including the Congress though he was Congress MLA at that time. Prof.Bhim Singh moved the High Court and got the state SRO quashed by the court. The division bench was headed by late Justice Bahuddin Farooqui, Chief Justice of J&K High Court. The government had to pay all the arrears to the employees including the police recruits in both Gazetted and Non-Gazetted ranks.

Prof.Bhim Singh reminded the Panthers Party workers and the youth that the Govt. of J&K repeated the same blunder in 2011 by the State government headed by the grandson of Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah. This time the Panthers Party filed a writ petition in Supreme Court which was transferred to the High Court of J&K. In the meantime, the government had to eat humble pie and reiterated a writ petition was filed by Young Panthers General Secretary, Mr. Vilakshan Singh, Advocate in 2012 for the payment of all arrears to the youth who were recruited between 2011 and 2012.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that it is now PDP-BJP government which has dared defy the rule of law and the decisions of the High Court by its colourable exercise to achieve the same target with mala fide intentions to deceive the youth in the name of contractual jobs. He said the contractual jobs are provided when there is a temporary vacancy or a small project to be accomplished within a short period. He said there are more than 40,000 government jobs in J&K and they have to be filled by a process of law mandated under Article 21 of the Constitution of India which is applicable to the State of J&K by the authority of the Supreme Court of India though there is no chapter on fundamental rights in the Constitution of J&K.

Prof.Bhim Singh has called the Legal Aid Committee of the JKNPP to take up the matter before the Hon’ble Court and file a case against the J&K government for the contempt of the Supreme Court and the High Court without delay. He assured the young man that the Panthers Party shall also fight for full justice to the SPOs, daily wagers, home guards, SSB & NYC volunteers also. A committee headed by Mr. B.B. Kotwal has also been constituted in this regard.

He also called on Panthers Trade Union, Young Panthers, Women Power, NPSU, Farmers Council and the District Panthers Committees to give a befitting reply to the government jointly under the leadership of Panthers Party.