Punjab, Haryana, Bihar Pradesh Panthers Committees stand dissolved

A meeting of the National Executive of National Panthers Party was held in New Delhi which adopted several resolutions to promote and strengthen the spirit of National Integration and promote the composite culture in the country.

The Executive Committee also expressed full support and solidarity with the J&K National Panthers Party in its democratic and peaceful struggle to ensure equity and justice to the Jammu Migrants, 15 lacs POK and Pak refugees, holding delimitation in the state besides ensuring justice and equity to the daily wagers, SPOs, contractual employees and for the amendment in Article 370 of the Constitution of India so as to empower Parliament to legislate in respect of subjects listed in the Union List in Schedule-VII.

The National Executive assessed the working of several state committees including Tamilnadu, Telangana, West Bengal, Delhi, Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Bihar and other states. The National Executive decided to reconstitute several state committees. The Executive dissolved the Haryana, Punjab and Bihar State committees forthwith. The new committees shall be announced within one month.

Prof.Bhim Singh, the Supremo of NPP told the media in New Delhi that the party is watching with interest, the new development and combination and permutation emerging on the political situation in the country. He said that reunion rather regrouping of the Janata Party is being watched with keen interest saying that Panthers Party has no plan to join any morcha or combination at the moment till the political problems being faced by the people of J&K are addressed properly and adequately.

Justice Dave refuses to preside Constitution Bench hearing petitions against NJAC

The Constitution Bench of 5-judges of the Supreme Court of India headed by Justice Anil R. Dave with JJ Mr. Madan B. Lokur, Mr. Justice J. Chelameswar, Mr. Justice Kurian Joseph & Mr. Justice A.K. Goel was adjourned suddenly when Sr. Advocate, Mr. Nariman appearing for AOR Association objected to the sitting of Justice Anil R. Dave as the President of the Constitution Bench on the ground that he has become a member of the NJAC being among the first two senior judges in the Apex Court.

Prof.Bhim Singh, Sr. Advocate appearing in person in his petition challenging the validity of NJAC deferred from Mr. Nariman submitting that Mr. Nariman did not represent other petitioners and each petitioner should be heard on this issue whether Justice Dave should preside/has authority to preside. He said that a judge is a judge as long as he does’t ceased to be. He further submitted before the court that the court should hear both sides on the objection raised by Mr. Nariman. Mr. Nariman should have addressed the court as any senior advocate should have done. Distributing leaflets in the court and threatening the judges by thumping the desk and asking the Constitution Bench to decide, “Hear and now, now and now alone” repeatedly did not reflect the decorum of the highest court of the country. Ambarrassed presiding judge suddenly announced that he would not hear the matter and adjourned the bench.

Mr. Mukul Rohtagi, Sr. Advocate and Attorney General also strongly objected to the remarks made by Mr. Nariman saying that this was totally misleading and condemnable what was witnessed in the court.