Prof.Bhim Singh detained with Bhartiya Kisan Unity (Union) President

Prof.Bhim Singh detained with Bhartiya Kisan Unity (Union) President Mr. Rishipal Ambawata and hundreds of activists of BKU this afternoon at the Parliament Street Police Station, New Delhi, opposite to Parliament House when the BKU led Kisan activists were marching towards the Parliament House after protested at Jantar Mantar in support of the demands of the farmers of the country. The demands included, Rs.10 lacs to the family of the Kisans who committed suicide being denied justice, reservation on the basis of economic status, elderly persons be given Rs.5000 as monthly pension, subsidized diesel for agricultural tools, free electricity and water to all kisan families. The demands also included implementation of Swaminathan Commission recommendations vis-à-vis farmers besides lodging their strong protest against the proposed Land Acquisition Bill.

A massive rally under the leadership of the BKU President, Mr. Rishipal Ambawata was held at Jantar Mantar which was followed by a strong procession.

Prof.Bhim Singh, Supremo of National Panthers Party, several other Kisan leaders also participated. They arrested by the police before they could enter the Parliament House.

Kashmiri Migrants Rehabilitation must what about Jammu Migrants?

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party reacting strongly for the return and rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pundit Migrants in the Valley, who were thrown out of their houses in January 1990 when Mufti Mohd. Sayeed was the Union Home Minister and J&K was under Governor Rule, questioned the Modi sarkar in the Centre and Mufti-Modi sarkar in J&K on the fate of about 5000 Hindu Migrant families who also were forced to migrate from their homes by the majority community and have been languishing in different areas and stinking camps in Talwara and other places?

He welcomed the initiative for the rehabilitation of the Kashmiri Pundits back in their homes in the Valley with full financial backing and security but asked the Union & State governments why discrimination with the Jammu Migrants? Jammu Migrant (each individual) is given Rs.400 per month relief whereas a Kashmiri Migrant is given Rs.1000/- per month. On the other hand maximum relief to the Kashmiri Pundit family is Rs.4000/- whereas a Jammu Hindu Migrant family is given only Rs.1600/- per month. Each Kashmiri Pundit Migrant is getting all other benefits like medical care, schooling, government jobs and free admission in the professional colleges in the country. Kashmiri Pundit family has been provided some kind of respectable and reasonable shelter wherever they have settled in Jammu or in any other part of the country. The Jammu Migrants, on the other hand, are literally begging in the streets without any job or work. About 40 boys were employed as daily wagers in the police but they were shunted out years back. Not a single Jammu Migrant has been provided free schooling facility nor even free medical treatment and there is no question of any work even as a daily wager.

The Supreme Court of India in a writ petition filed by J&K National Panthers Party had directed the State and the Union governments to pay the relief arrears to the Jammu Migrants in 2007 at least Rs.21 crores at that time. The JKNPP has been fighting this case in the Supreme Court and a contempt petition is pending in the Jammu Wing of J&K High Court since 2009. Both the Union government and the State government have ignored the Jammu Migrants treating them worst than animals.

Prof.Bhim Singh wondered that the Union government particularly the Prime Minister, Modi has directed for creating a separate colony/colonies with full security etc. for the Kashmiri Migrants whereas the governments have not even mentioned a word on the Jammu Migrants though they are not asking for a separate colony or any separate homeland. Nor Jammu Migrants are asking for any land for residential purpose and they were prepared to go back to their homes provided the Central government/State government is prepared to rebuild/restructure their homes/houses which were destroyed by the terrorists. Prof.Bhim Singh declared that the JKNPP shall be filing a fresh petition in the Supreme Court to provide Jammu Migrants the same relief and the same benefit for their respectable and secured rehabilitation in their own villages and on their land which has been denied to them only for the reason that they are Jammu Dogras/Paharies. He held BJP leadership in the Centre and the State responsible for this discrimination with Jammu Migrants.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that JKNPP is not for erecting a Berlin Wall inside the Valley nor in Jammu Pradesh. He said the Kashmiris had rejected the two-nation theory in 1947 and they shall not allow the BJP/RSS government at the Centre to create a communal divide to sow the seeds of separation/divide within the state as that shall be against the interest of the unity, integrity and sovereignty of the entire country.


SC grants four weeks to UOI to reconsider regularization of Army Porters in Nowshera sector

A division bench of the Supreme Court of India comprising JJ Mr. Justice Depak Misra and Mr. Justice Prafullah C. Pant issued order upon hearing, Prof.Bhim Singh, Sr. Advocate for petitioners and Mr. P.S. Patwalia, Additional Solicitor General for the Union of India observing,

“We hope and trust that any suggestion/recommendation given by the Chief of Army Staff should weigh with the competent authority of the Union of India, for the facts obtaining in the case at hand have their own peculiarity.”

The court was pleased to fix the next hearing in the first week of May, 2015 on the request of the Additional Solicitor General.

Prof.Bhim Singh appearing for the petitioners in a contempt application against the Union of India made a strong plea that the Army Porters working in Nowshera, Akhnoor sectors in the Army for the past 10 to 20 years have not been considered for regular appointment in spite of the Supreme Court direction. The Supreme Court had directed the Union of India and the Army Chief to consider the regularization of more than 70 Army Porters who have been working with the Army in Akhnoor and Nowshera sectors in J&K for the past 10 to 20 years. It was stated that the Army Porters have been paid meager sum less than a daily wager and have not been regularized though they have been knocking several doors for justice from the High Courts to the Army Tribunal and the Supreme Court.

Prof.Bhim Singh was assisted by M/s. Satish Vig, AOR, B.S. Billowria, S.K. Bandopadhyay, Mrs. Ritu Puri and others.

The State Legal Aid Committee, J&K headed by Prof.Bhim Singh has been looking after the porters case for several years.