Rashtriya Chetna Abhiyan

parliament-psA massive memorial meeting was held at Jantar Mantar this afternoon by Rashtriya Chetna Abhiyan comprising several social and revolutionary groups including The Voice of Millions, Rashtriya Sainik Sanstha, Bhim Brigade, Bhartiya Samta Samaj, Rashtriya Muslim Ekta Manch, Gauraksha Kranti Dal, Jai Hind, Mission Bande Matram, Human Welfare Foundation, Pratibha Vikash Samiti, Joint India Movement, Health, Education & Environment Samiti under the banner of Rashtriya Chetna Abhiyan to pay tributes to S. Bhagat Singh and B.K. Dutt for throwing smoke bomb into the National Assembly (Parliament) on this day sending warning signal to the British government to quit India or face the bloody revolution. S. Bhagat Singh and B.K. Dutt were arrested from the Parliament lobby and taken to Raiscina Police Station (now Parliament Street Police Station) the same day. S. Bhagat Singh was given death sentence to be executed on 30th March, 1931 but he was hanged on 23rd March itself fearing a bloody revolt from the Indian masses.

It was 8th April, 1857 the day Mangal Pandey was hanged for defying the British officer and shooting another British officer for the freedom of India 158 years ago. Mangal Pandey’s death sentence was to be executed on 21st April but his death sentence was executed on 8th April, 1857.

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of Rashtriya Chetna Abhiyan and other activists paid heavy tributes to S. Bhagat Singh, his colleagues and the first freedom fighter and martyred Mangal Pandey while demanding to confer Mahabharat Ratan Award to all the freedom fighters who were martyred during this freedom movement from Mangal Pandey to S. Bhagat Singh to Bal Gangadhar Tilak and others for their unparallel sacrifices for the freedom of India. He also called on the youth and students to read the past history of the country and its freedom struggle as well as the political contribution of the leadership at the regional level instead of wasting much of their time on filmsy facebook, whats’ app and twitter, hollow slogans and messages. Lets’ use this technology to learn about the history of our country and the sacrifices of our martyrs and their contributions to build modern India. He also declared that Rasthriya Chetna Abhiyan shall go for Bharat Parikarma in November-December with a message of Ultimate Revolution/Smool Kranti to strengthen composite culture of this great nation and march towards progress and peace.s.bhagat-singh-ps

In a unanimous resolution it was demanded that the name of the present Parliament Street Police Station should be mentioned as S. Bhagat Singh Memorial Police Station.   

Others who also addressed the memorial rally included Kali Ram Tomar, Rajiv Jolly Khosla, Shyam Sunder Sharma, Nasreen Hamid, Journalist, Sushil Khanna, President, Bhim Brigade, Gyan Singh Gyan, Samsher Khan, Mehfuz Khan, Mohd. Junaid, Bhawani Maharaj, Suresh Sharma, Jitender Tiwari, Urvashi Walia, Renuka Sharma, Jogi Joinder Lal Sharma, Chander Saini, Hari Shanker Tiwari, Balwinder Khosla and others.