Shameful sell out of Jammu electorates by BJP

“It was complete sell out of the Jammu voters by the BJP for power and pety loot of State exchequer at the hands of Kashmiri rulers which is evident from the record of the Assembly proceedings. The BJP speaker was abused and humbled by NC legislator thus disgracing the dignity of the House. BJP with its 26 MLAs with 2 borrowed from Kashmir dared not speak a word in defense of its own party speaker. BJP has failed to act even as ‘B’ team rather it has been treated by PDP as ‘X’ team with no respect or dignity. The BJP sold out the interest of the people of Jammu for couple of chairs and to share loot with Kashmiri rulers for swallowing all the insults.” This was the reaction of NPP Supremo when asked to comment on the role of BJP inside the Legislative Assembly as a ruling partner.

NPP Supremo accused BJP to sell out the interest of nearly 15 lacs refugees including nearly 85,000 Pakistani refugees when it failed even to mention the POK and Pak refugees in their address. He said there was no mention of a word in the Governor’s address though BJP was a ‘C’ class partner in the government. He said another casualty was delimitation of constituencies for which the BJP had been shouting at the top of their loud voices for decades. BJP buried Article 370 into the depth of the River Jhelum thus betraying its own agenda just for power sake. The BJP has betrayed the youth and the students as well as the working class reminding the definition of ‘sell out’ by its leaders to the Kashmiri rulers. NPP leader said that the BJP has sold the precious 15 lacs ‘votes’ to the Kashmiri rulers. They did the same thing by selling out the interest of Jammu to Sheikh Abdullah in 1978 when a movement led by Prof.Bhim Singh was sabotaged by the BJP leaders (then called Janata Party). BJP again sold out Jammu’s interest when the BJP leaders sold out the movement of the entire people of Jammu during Shri Amarnath Shrine Board Land Row. Just for pennies in political terminology. They have no sold out the future of the youth and students, interest of the farmers and workers and it shall take an age to redeem the loss. It is BJP who has bartered away with the blood of the innocent migrants living like animals in the camps of Talwara and other places.

Prof.Bhim Singh called on youth and students and the civil society to take a lead by demolishing the trio Congress-NC, PDP & BJP to save the history, identity and even geography of Jammu Pradesh so that lost glory of the Dogra-Pahari people shall be restored with dignity and honour. He said it is only Panthers and Panthers Party alone which can play its destined role to rescue the great people of J&K from complete disgust, dishonour, discrimination and injustice.