NPP to celebrate its 33rd Foundation Day, shall elect its Chairman & President also

“The Panthers Party shall be celebrating its 33rd Foundation Day on 23rd March, 2015 at Brahmin Sabha, Parade Ground, Jammu. The party shall announce its action plan to oppose, expose and finally depose the unethical and unholy alliance government in J&K which has become a security risk in the sensitive state of J&K.” The Chief Patron, Prof.Bhim Singh made an appeal to the students, youth, workers, panchayats, intellectuals, members of the civil society to join the movement launched by JKNPP for the reorganization of J&K so that the citizens of India residing in Jammu Pradesh, Kashmir Valley and LadakhBaltistan shall live in dignity, honour and social security.

Prof.Bhim Singh also urged the Panthers Farmers Council to mobilize the farmers who are the principal victims of the various governments in J&K. He said delimitation of the Assembly constituencies, permanent and comprehensive settlement of 15 lacs POK refugees and conferring full civil and political rights to nearly 85,000 Pak refugees is the agenda for 2015 and nobody on earth can stop the Panthers to achieve this goal.

Prof.Bhim Singh accused state BJP for selling the entire interest of the people of Jammu Pradesh to the Kashmiri leaders thus betraying the faith that people of Jammu Pradesh had put in the BJP leadership. He assured the suffering people of J&K that Panthers Party leadership is capable, acceptable and sustainable under the circumstances in all the three regions of the state. He appealed the districts committees to mobilize the workers for their active participation in the celebration.

The JKNPP shall also elect its Chairman and President for a term of three years.