Modi’s defeat in Delhi, unique victory of democracy, secularism, befitting reply to Obama

wave_093014114937“The national capital territory of Delhi which shares the glory of the past history of India and the beauty of composite culture has transcended a highly impressive message to the people of great India and its critics abroad, particularly to US President Barack Hussein Obama that India means peace, India means composite culture and India means secularism with malice to none. People of Delhi who represent almost all the cultures, religious disciplines and universal voice of the country have rejected ‘Modism’ identified by arrogance of power and smell of communalism. This is evident from the most unexpected verdict of the people as seen on the screen. The complete route of the Congress and humiliating defeat of the BJP should be understood that the people of this country are adhered to a secular, corruption free and peace loving India.” This was the first reaction of Panthers Party Supremo, Prof.Bhim Singh who had earlier predicted fall of Modi within one year. Prof.Bhim Singh said that the victorious party should not take it as their victory because this vote was anti-Modi vote where entire political system including BJP had considered it best to defeat Modi’s fascist and arrogant utterances and behaviour.

Prof.Bhim Singh felt that US President’s remarks on the beauty of India’s cultural heritage and its adherence to composite culture during his recent visit to Delhi also contributed to this situation where Delhi’s intelligent and nationalist voters decided to give a clear message to the world that Delhi represents the composite voice of entire country and the nation believes in the beauty of its secular character.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that Prime Minister Modi must have realized that he also contributed heavily towards the defeat of BJP by committing incurable blunders. Humiliating dismissal of the Union Home Secretary, Shri Anil Goswami with an intention to use the Home Ministry to rig polls by manipulating EVMs was one of the causes of this kind of electoral defeat of the BJP. Another blunder, committed by Prime Minister Modi, was to install a stranger to the party as its leader by ignoring the elderly leadership of the party during the election campaign.

NPP bravoed bureaucracy and the election machinery in Delhi for defiance to manipulate EVMs in this election. In J&K the bureaucracy had played a big role for the manipulation of EVMs to give victory to BJP.    

Prof.Bhim Singh remarked that the Congress defeat was no surprise but nobody had expected or agreed with Prof.Bhim Singh that BJP shall be the first casualty of Prime Minister Modi’s arrogance.     

Delhi Elections a referendum over BJP’s 9 months rule: Harsh

Describing the BJP’s humiliating debacle and its decimation in the high decibel Delhi Polls as a referendum over the BJP’s 9 months rule, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh chairman JKNPP and former Minister has complimented and saluted the highly enlightened electorates of Delhi for their refusal to succumb to politics of religion, money power and fascism. Hailing the clean sweep of the APP in the said polls, he said that a highly impudent and self flattered BJP with its inflated ego must realize that people of the country can’ be swayed by rhetoric and false promises alone and that they still cherish and value the country’s rich cultural history of religious tolerance and communal harmony. He said that AAP’s gigantic emergence assumes greater significance especially in a situation wherein the ruling BJP govt. had thrown all its might with PM Narinder Modi along with dozens of Chief Ministers, Union Ministers, Hundreds of MPs and thousands of RSS workers from all across the country campaigning for the saffron party with the corporate sector and huge resources at its command. He said that the results are an eye opener for a narcissistically pleased and a highly ascendant BJP which had been largely intoxicated with power and solely guided by the agenda of capturing power at the cost of its own manifesto and public pronouncements. He said the APP’s victory is a moment of redefining of Indian politics and re-inventing of democracy with an underdog outfighting a proclaimed conqueror. He said that the nation is overawed by the Delhi results wherein the formidable strategist of the electoral chess has been outplayed by APP and Modi has lost his tallness in front of the mufflerman, Arvind Kejriwal. He said that the tragicomedy of the BJP can be best described by the fact that Modi has been dwarfed by a 5’ 2” man known for his muffler and his spasmodic cough.


Mr. Harsh Dev Singh said that while the BJP Juggernaut remained busy in its self praise and self aggrandizement with dozens of Ministers, Chief Ministers and MP’s in the streets of Delhi making inflated claims and giving airy slogans, the AAP reached to the common man on the issues of ‘livelihood’ and ‘sustainability’ besides ‘corruption in high offices’. He said that undaunted by BJP’s browbeating and its slander campaign, Mr. Kejriwal stood toe to toe with his supporters and eye to eye with his opponents. He said that people rewarded him for him sincerity, consistency and commitment despite he being defamed, slapped, manhandled, ridiculed and abused.


Taking a shot at BJP for its arrogance, its narcissism and its obsession with idolizing Modi, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh said that it was time for introspection for BJP whose tallest leader had ceded that spot to Kejriwal atleast in Delhi.


Mr. Harsh Dev Singh further said that emergence of Kejriwal had given rise to a new political discourse in the country and Delhi phenomenon was likely to reverberate in Bihar, West Bengal and UP also where the elections were due very soon. He said that BJP would meet its waterloo in the said elections also if it didn’t keep its fringe elements in check besides immediate steps to honour  its public commitments. He said that BJP must also remember the wise words of advice given by President Obama that fundamental rights and freedoms given by the constitution must be respected and a govt. must be outspoken in the defense of its constitutional values.