JKNPP demands full settlement of Refugees of 1947, 1965, 1971 and 1999 migrants

An emergency meeting of the working committee of JKNPP was held here in Jammu under the chairmanship of Shri Harsh Dev Singh, MLA and was attended by several senior party working committee members including Shri Balwant Singh Mankotia, MLA President JKNPP, Shri Yashpal Kundal, MLA President Young Panthers, Ms Anita Thakur General Secretary, M/s. P.K Ganju, Choudhary Mohd. Iqbal and Shri Masood Andrabi Vice-Presidents, Shri H.C Jalmeria Advocate General Secretary, Shri Bansi Lal Sharma Advocate Political Advisor JKNPP, Mr. Farooq Ahmad Dar Provincial President (Kashmir Province) and others.  Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron was also present in the emergency meeting. He called on the Panthers to stand by the commitment of the Party in the secularism, equality and democracy, what may even if party has to walk alone. He ruled out any track or adjustment with communal and corrupt forces whether they are in power or outside.

The working committee in a strong resolution resolved to;

1.         That the movement for the reorganization of J&K shall be promoted, strengthened and implemented so that all kinds of regional discrimination may come to an end forever. It said even after securing 25 out of 37 in Jammu Pradesh could not find an inch of space in governance to seek resolution of the grievances of the people of Jammu.  This is because it does not enjoy acceptability of the people.

2.         The resolution demanded full compensation and respectable rehabilitation of all the refugees of 1947 (Pakistan) from POK, 1965, 1971 with comprehensive settlement according to international law.

3.         It also accused state government for horrifying treatment to the border migrants who were forced out of their homes due to indiscriminate shelling from PaK side along 92 km long international border.  Demanded implementation of SC order dated 6th February 2001 so that full rehabilitation and relief may be provided to the migrants.

4.         It also demanded full compensation and arrears of Talwara and Jammu Migrants according to Supreme Court order dated 13th July 2007.

5.         The working committee in its declaration stated that the party shall not join hands with any communal, corrupt, sectarian or authoritarian group or party at all and walk alone for the cause it has undertaken for the welfare of the people of Jammu Pradesh and Kashmir Ghati.  It said reorganization is the only solution to end regional conflict so that the residents of all regions, Ladakh, Kashmir Valley and Jammu Pradesh shall live in honour, dignity and get justice social, political and economic at all stages.

6.         The Panthers Party declared its party election on 23rd March, 2015 on its Foundation Day in Jammu.

7.         It appealed to all secular, democratic and pro-people groups, individuals or political parties to join and support JKNPP to build a movement to fulfill the dreams of our suffering people to live with honour and dignity by reorganization of the state.