Journalists, Advocates, Human Right activists invited to contest Assembly polls in Delhi

A meeting of Delhi Pradesh National Panthers Party was held under the supervision of Prof.Bhim Singh its Chief Patron & the Founder which after a long deliberation has taken a collective decision to involve the intelligentsia, journalists, advocates, human right activists, trade unionists and youth and students in the electoral process, particularly in Delhi Assembly polls which is being held next month.

Prof.Bhim Singh has made a strong appeal to the civil society and the intelligentsia particularly the youth and students who have right to vote if completed 18 years of age and right to contest election after the age of 25. He said that the new generations should skip from the fun of his books, tuitors, and other non-productive activities and take up public relations to build a secular, nationalist and fearless society so that the Indian youth can lead the world in the 21st century towards a new era of peace, harmony and for the establishment of a fearless society on the foundation of oneness of mankind.

He also said that the society has been paralyzed, scuttled, dissected and polarized by the politicians to seek their selfish and political ends at the cost of peace and harmony. He called the youth in particular and other members of the civil society to jump into the poll battle, Delhi poll should be the beginning and seek their admission into the legislature so that all of us together could build a society where

‘worth and not the birth’

shall rule mankind. Division encouraged by the Parliament and the political parties in the civil society on the basis of religion, region, caste or creed should end with the movement of

Ultimate Revolution’.

Prof.Bhim Singh has invited members of the open society to participate in the Assembly elections. He invited their applications without any fees or contributions.

Only commitment to the cause of humanity shall have to be undertaken.