NPP Supremo congratulates Jammuites for unity and fight for justice

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party has congratulated all sections of people of Jammu Pradesh from different fields of life for demonstrating unity, oneness and putting coordinated efforts for justice, equity and end of all forms of discrimination with the people of Jammu Pradesh. He also congratulated the coordination committee for acting honestly, bold and common interest without any political interest in this movement.

Prof.Bhim Singh warned the BJP-PDP government that the history shall not forgive them both for playing treachery with the people of Jammu Pradesh and Kashmir Valley. He proposed that twin states, a Kashmir Valley and Jammu Pradesh is the only solution to ensure justice to both the historical regions of the state. He said if he were the ruler he would have declared one AIIMS for Jammu and another for Kashmir Valley with civil secretariats around the year at both places. He said that when Assam could be divided in seven states, Andhra, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Bihar and others into different states on the basis of history, geography, linguistic and cultural identities why not J&K should be treated alike on the basis of geography, language and of course culture and history.

He warned the Central government to stop playing fraud with the people of J&K particularly the Jammuites. Let the history be judge in the present battle for justice by the people of Jammu Pradesh.

Jagdev Singh, Coordination Secretary