Reorganization of J&K is the only way out Two chief ministers is only answer

“60 years of draconian rule resulting into death, destruction, unemployment, discrimination and injustice to the people of all the three regions, Ladakh, Kashmir Valley and Jammu Pradesh has been exposed which needs to be defeated for all the times to come to ensure lasting peace, harmony and equitable development in the state. This is an immediate resolution to ensure the end of terrorism, anarchy and chaos in the state. The Panthers Party in its manifesto when founded in 1983 had clearly and diligently envisaged creation of two administrations under separate Chief Ministers for each province for the sake of development and end of discrimination.” This was the statement made by NPP Supremo, Prof.Bhim Singh to the Panthers Party activists in Ladakh, Kashmir Valley and Jammu Pradesh.

          Prof.Bhim Singh said while commenting on the formation of PDP (one extreme) and BJP (another extreme) government in J&K which is an attempt by power hungry and money mongering politicians to force an unholy alliance to carry a wolf and a lamb in the same boat across the Jhelum river.

NPP Founder challenged both the PDP and the BJP to sort out the major issues like delimitation of the Assembly constituencies, resolution of the problem of 15 lac refugees in Jammu Pradesh ensure return of peace in the state which is possible only after the laws made by the Parliament in respect of Defence, Foreign Affairs, Communication etc. shall extend to the entire state which were incorporated expressly by Maharaja Hari Singh in the Instrument of Accession in October 1947. This needs amendment in Article 370 to strengthen State Integration with the rest of the country.

The neo ruling coalition must answer the questions on the regularization of services of nearly 30,000 SPOs, VDC & SSB volunteers, contractual teachers and employees who deserve immediate resolution of the situation they have been passing through.

          Prof.Bhim Singh warned both PDP and BJP of dangerous consequences if they tried to sell out their manifestoes just to surrender for power and money.

Prof.Bhim Singh calls Delhiwalas to defeat saffron party in Delhi, keep up colourful credibility of Delhi

Addressing a huge election rally at Jama Masjid, Delhi (Matia Mahal Assembly Constituency), Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party gave a call to Delhi-ites particularly the youth, intellectuals, working class and all others to stand united during election to the Assembly so that Modi and Modi’s party is completely defeated and deposed in NCT of Delhi to send a clear message to the people in India and elsewhere that people of Delhi shall not allow saffron party to compromise with the composite culture of India and its secular ethos.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi and his party has been exposed thoroughly for its tie up with the outdated capitalism and exploitation of the people of India belonging to the middle class or living below the poverty line. Hundreds of men, women, youth decorated with their election symbol ‘bicycle’ took out a fascinating procession where Prof.Bhim Singh accompanied by NPP leadership in Delhi including Mr. Rajiv Jolly Khosla participated in the procession.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that defeat of Prime Minister Modi in NCT of Delhi Assembly election is in the greater interest of safety and protection of cultural heritage of India and soul of its democracy which has been threatened because of the arrogance, intolerance, communal and sectarian bias of Shri Narendra Modi.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that India is one of the greatest civilizations in the world and Delhi represents soul of that culture. He said that the people of Delhi represent the composite culture of India and shall serve a great cause for the people of Delhi and by giving the message that secularism and composite culture are indivisible for the unity, integrity and sovereignty of this great nation.

Prof.Bhim Singh was received him with his colleagues of the Panthers Party by hundreds of enthusiastic youth in Jama Masjid area which falls within the Matia Mahal Assembly Constituency where Mr. Mehfooz Khan is the candidate of the Panthers Party. Mr. Mehfooz Khan, a youthful and promising candidate of the Panthers Party compared Prof.Bhim Singh with great leaders of the world like Yasir Arafat and Che Guevara who fought all their lives against the Anglo-American imperialism.

Dozen of flower bouquets, garlands were showered on Panthers Party Supremo hailing him as the only leader of the Ultimate Revolution for the safety, security of a common man and India’s secular identity.

Election Commission writes back to Bhim Singh, Denies violation of SC judgment on ‘paper trail’

Election Commission of India in its reply to Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party has denied that, “The Commission has taken no initiative to implement ‘paper trail’ as directed by Supreme Court of India in the judgment dated 08.10.2014”. The Commission in its letter signed by Shri Madhusudan Gupta, Under Secretary has claimed that the allegation is not true. Prof.Bhim Singh in his letter dated 16.01.2015 addressed to the CEC has accused Election Commission for holding Assembly elections in December, 2014 in violation of the Supreme Court direction which read as,

“….we permit the ECI to introduce the same in gradual stages or geographical-wise in the ensuing General Election. The area, state or actual booth (s) are to be decided by the ECI and ECI is free to implement the same in a phased manner…”  

Admitting that VVPAT (Voter-verified paper audit trail) system was used in 71-Gandhinagar, 72-Jammu East and 73-Jammu West only. That means Election Commission of India has used ‘paper trail’ system in 3 out of 87 Assembly constituencies. Prof.Bhim Singh said that Gandhinagar Assembly constituency recorded 60% voting percentage whereas in the hills like Bani (Jammu), Bandipora (Kashmir) and other Assembly constituencies crossed voting percentage by 80%. Even in Udhampur Assembly constituency poll percentage crossed 82% which was not possible at all. Prof.Bhim Singh regretted that CEC is adopting ‘paper trail’ system only in two Assembly constituencies in NCT of Delhi say 40-New Delhi & 38-Delhi Cantt. This clearly shows, said Prof.Bhim Singh that the party in power in the Centre is trying to avoid the implementation of SC judgment for the obvious reasons. EVMs were manipulated in J&K and same shall be the situation in NCT of Delhi.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that the Panthers Party is filing a petition in the Supreme Court challenging the validity of the elections held recently in J&K which gave undue advantage to the BJP for obvious reasons.

Prof.Bhim Singh regretted that Election Commission of India has decided to hold biennial election to the Rajya Sabha for four seats in J&K through three notifications which is quite improper, unconstitutional, illegal and malafide as it is done so only to benefit PDP-BJP (new unholy alliance in the offing). In 2009 the Congress as a ruling party in the Centre played the same trick and fraud to secure all the four seats between two alliance partners namely, the Congress and the NC.


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Bhim Singh urges Election Commission to hold Rajya Sabha Elections in J&K through a single notification

In his letter, Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party urged the Election Commission of India to hold Rajya Sabha Elections in J&K through a single notification in the interest of democracy and rule of law. The letter stated that,

“I am taking liberty urging your honour to kindly ensure that Rajya Sabha elections from Jammu and Kashmir are held through a single notification as a matter of equity and rule of law.

          All the four Rajya Sabha Members were elected on the same day, for the same period from J&K. Three notifications were issued last time where were opposed by the Panthers Party at different stages and from different platforms. The Panthers Party moved Election Petition challenging the validity of four Rajya Sabha Members from J&K in J&K J&K High Court. Unfortunately, three tribunals were changed for different reasons and the matter could not be decided. I myself argued the case twice as the First Judge (Tribunal) was transferred from J&K to Allahabad in the middle of the hearing. The second tribunal after having heard the matter could not deliver the judgment as he was retiring. Third Tribunal was again transferred and fourth one could not hear the matter at all in spite mentioning before the Chief Justice.

          This is sad how judiciary is, as the people say, is functioning in J&K. That is the sad end of the tragic tale of democracy in J&K.

          This is very important point which has not been settled till date that opposition/smaller groups in the states could only be accommodated if rule of law is ensured by the Election Commission of India.

          We have four seats in J&K in Rajya Sabha and we are holding election on the same day, same Electoral College, for the same period. What is the justification of issuing three notifications? This is only helping the ruling parties to keep the smaller parties out of contest. If there is one notification minimum number of MLAs would be about 18 but if there are three notifications then one Rajya Sabha Member would require + 44 MLAs. Naturally, two Members shall be elected by the ruling group or new alliance, BJP + PDP or anybody. The third notification to Rajya Sabha Members is only a mockery of the entire system. It shall encourage only horse-trading and daylight corruption horse-trading as it has been happening earlier.

          May I request your honour to kindly reconsider this matter, or you may refer it to the Legal Advisory Committee for their independent opinion in this regard. The present proposed elections for 7th February, 2015 may be postponed or may be held through one notification.

          Sir, wisdom lies in daring.”