EVMs manipulation in J&K needs probe.

Most Urgent

22nd December, 2014

New Delhi

Hon’ble Shri V.S. Sampath

Chief Election Commissioner of India

Nirvachan Sadan, Ashoka Road,

New Delhi


Sub:- EVMs  manipulation in J&K needs probe.



J&K has witnessed rigging and fraud by the power that be in Delhi or in J&K since 1951 when Assembly elections were introduced. The rise of militancy was also the product of rigging in elections. Assembly elections in 1987 were rigged on the face of it by the Govt. headed by Dr. Farooq Abdullah. Most of the young boys who participated and lost because electoral fraud committed turned militants and took up the guns. J&K have to go without elections till 1996.

It is sad that the power that be never learnt a lesson from the blunders of the past and continued playing fraud with the electoral system. People of J&K remained deprived of free and fair polls.

The recent elections which were concluded on 20th December, 2014 have raised bundles of doubts about the credibility of the polls. The Election Commission has been informed regularly on the situation that was created because of PM’s unscheduled rallies leading to curfew like situation in the districts wherever his meetings were organized in the state. It was first chance in the history of J&K rather in the electoral history of the country that the Prime Minister organized nine election rallies in 2014 in J&K leading to chaos, disorder, political anarchy thus depriving all opposition parties to hold their respective rallies in the districts where Prime Minister addressed/organized his helicopter-borne rallies in utter violation of all the election rules, laws thus shredding all the norms in the Model Code of Conduct.

However, the Election Commission of India, had framed several rules for a re-check of the polling stations where poll percentage rises above 80% or abnormal. In several Assembly segments e.g. Bandipur, Sonawari (Kashmir), Udhampur, Bani (Kathua) and other places the polling percentage crossed 80. It is for the information of the Hon’ble CEC that half of the male population of the area go out of their homes to Punjab or Uttar Pradesh for work during the winter. Same is the case with Bani and Basohli constituencies in Kathua District.

The functioning of EVMs has always remained under question. Manipulation of EVMs and programming it to the convenience of the interested parties having absolute control over the machine and its physical handling suggest that it is only because of this reason that poll has been recorded over 80%. On the other hand Jammu City has three constituencies and the polling did not exceed 66%. Rather there was 60% poll in Gandhinagar (Jammu City) Assembly constituency where the road communication is 100% perfect as compared to Sonawari or Bani. Bani Assembly segment is on the top of hills. The voters in several stations have to walk for miles to cast their votes. Same is the situation in Billawar, Basohli (Kathua) and Bandipur (Kashmir).

My election in a bye-election to the Lok Sabha in 1988 experienced the same catastrophe when I won in 13 Assembly segments and was made to loose in two Assembly segments where polling was shown 90% or above. My election petition was allowed yet I could not enter the Parliament because that particular (10th) Lok Sabha stood dissolved by the date the judgment was delivered by Mr. Justice K.K. Gupta of J&K High Court.

In several countries of the world, they have discarded use of EVMs in sensitive polls. The use of EVMs has discredited the parliamentary democracy particularly when the ruling class is a party to the polls.

May I urge the Hon’ble Election Commission of India to set up an expert committee to probe the polling trends in the constituencies where the poll was 80% or above. It shall be a great contribution by the Election Commission of India to save faith of the people in democracy in J&K.

With warm regards,

Yours sincerely,

Prof.Bhim Singh

Chief Patron