500 Congress activists join NPP Secular & democratic forces invited to join Ultimate Revolution

More than 500 Congress activists including Subhash Chandra Boss, Mahi Chauhan, Harsha, Asma, Sonia Chaudhary, Abdul Razak, Reshma, Shyam Sunder Sharma, Kali Ram Tomar, Deepanshu, Ramnath, Mohd. Shafi and others were welcomed at the headquarters of NPP. Prof.Bhim Singh, founder of the party garlanded several activists, men, women, youth and prominent leaders from the minority group in New Delhi this afternoon. Prof.Bhim Singh welcomed every new entrant with garlands and flowers. He also declared Mr. Subhash Chandra Boss as General Secretary of Delhi Pradesh Panthers Party.  Delhi Pradesh Panthers Party President, Mr. Rajiv Jolly Khosla presided over the joining ceremony.

subhashchandra3Mr. Subhash Chandra Boss, a prominent Congress leader declared that he has resigned from the Congress party after his valuable 40 years in Congress and joined Panthers Party under the leadership of Prof.Bhim Singh only because this is only party in the country which stands for Haq-Insaaf for all and is committed to secularism. He said that he and his colleagues were convinced that it is only the Panthers Party leadership which can lead the Ultimate Revolution in the country against corruption, communalism, criminalization and authoritarianism which have become the order of the day.

He said that the Panthers Party is the only hope for the future of minorities, Dalits and the weaker sections of the society.