Bhim Singh bravos Jammu journalists, accuses Prime Minister Modi for manipulating EVMs

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party congratulated the journalists and media persons in Jammu for their fearless reporting elections news in spite of some newspapers adopting ‘money for news’ ethics during the polls.

Prof. Bhim Singh accused Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi for the misuse of his position and encouraging corrupt practice in the polls to benefit himself.  He said more than Rs.50 crores were spent by the state exchequer to facilitate PM’s election campaign in Jammu and Kashmir. He also wondered the kind of democracy Mr. Modi is promoting in India as he has promoted only himself and his persons and the cost of BJP which stands completely diluted during his elections campaign. He has reminded his own party leaders the way Hitler promoted himself at the cost of his own party.

Prime Minister Modi has committed another blunder by adopting the undesirable and anti-national elements as his candidates in the Valley and gave them mandate to contest elections from BJP in the Valley.

Prof. Bhim Singh prophesied that the money and muscle power and join patronage of Prime Minister Modi shall bring a disaster for the largest democracy in the world. He questioned the credibility of Election Commission of India and its independent functioning to conduct polls in J&K and elsewhere the way it suited the business class and their agents. He said that if this trend is not reversed immediately, the vestige of democracy can be destroyed as it happened in many countries of the world.  It shall result into anarchy and bloody revolution against the capitalist and the criminal class which has almost taken over the Parliament.

Prof. Bhim Singh expressed no surprise on PDP Chief’s bundles of praises for Prime Minister Modi which leaves no doubt about the hidden agenda of Modi and Mufti in J&K.  Mr. Mufti may be the first and last Chief Minister in J&K to form his government with RSS in the State. He laughed at the demonstration of heaps of opportunists including businessmen, bureaucrats, black money holders joining Mufti camp to share the benefits of power.

Prof. Bhim Singh asked Prime Minister Modi to answer the question which he has raised in Kashmir Valley by putting a separate map of J&K sans rest of the country by promising this as his mission 44+. What does Prime Minister Modi means by his missions sans map of the Mother Land?  He said that amendment in Article 370 and reorganization of the State are the urgent needs to protect and preserve national integrity, unity and sovereignty which is the principled mission of Panthers Party. The EVMs is threat to parliamentary democracy and needs to be replaced without any delay.

100,000 police personnel in J&K denied right to vote.

Hon’ble Shri V.S. Sampath
Chief Election Commissioner
Nirvachan Sadan, Ashoka Road,
New Delhi

Sub:- 100,000 police personnel in J&K denied right to vote.

This is another tragedy in the political history of J&K that over 100,000 police personnel engaged in different important places like Air Force, VIP security cover, police stations and in other places have not been allowed to take leave to cast their votes in the election. There is no arrangement/polling facilities for police personnel to cast their votes in place or places of their duty in the State. Though this facility has been provided to other employees engaged in civil services. The denial of voting right to a police man on duty is direct assault on democracy and rule of law.
I would like to request you to intervene in the matter so that the police personnel on duty outside their homes and the way from their polling stations shall not be deprived of their legitimate right to vote.
With kind regards,

Yours sincerely,

Prof.Bhim Singh
Chief Patron