NPP Supremo blasts PM Modi speech in Kishtwar as communal, violative of Code of Conduct

Addressing a strong election rally in Bhaderwah (Doda District) about 60 kms. away from Kishtwar where Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Modi addressed election rally organized by the State government, Prof.Bhim Singh accused Prime Minister Modi for the gross violation of the Code of Conduct by the Prime Minister of India while visiting and addressing state organized election rally in Kishtwar.

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English: Image of Narendra Modi at the World Economic Forum in India (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Prof.Bhim Singh said that entire Kishtwar town was converted into curfew zone and his own vehicles were not allowed to pass through Kishtwar by the administration. Prof.Bhim Singh told the media and the social activists in Bhaderwah that Modi has used communal factor in his speech with an intension to create communal divide in Doda and Kishtwar districts where BJP candidates are also in the election fray, he quoted Modi saying, “I have provided all facilities to the Muslims residing on Pakistan borders in Gujarat.” This speech by the Prime Minister is highly mischievous, creates communal wedge between the society in Doda district where Hindus and Muslims have been living in communal harmony and peace.

Prof.Bhim Singh also charged Mr. Modi for luring the voters by offering them to increase the capacity of the hydel project in Kishtwar and providing them special package for developing tourism in the area. Prof.Bhim Singh wondered why Mr. Modi failed to mention a single word against Pakistan, terrorists, militants or anti-national elements which had created havoc in Kishtwar to disturb communal harmony. He said Mr. Modi was referring refugees’ problem which had no smell in Kishtwar district.

Prof.Bhim Singh also accused the District Election Officers and Election Observers for sitting in J&K as agents of the ruling parties and BJP. He also referred a letter addressed by him to the Chief Election Commissioner of India about the anti-Panthers Party attitude by the administration and district election officers.

The District Committee of Doda district was also reconstituted with Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed as its President and Dharam Chand Bhagat as its General Secretary.

Others who also addressed the election rally included Vice President, Choudhary Mohd. Iqbal, District President, Imtiaz Ahmed and District General Secretary, Dharam Chand Bhagat.


District Election Officer (Dy. Commissioner), Jammu retaliates on NPP statement impounds vehicle of Nagrota candidate

Within 24 hours of Prof.Bhim Singh’s letter to Chief Election Commissioner of India/Press report this morning Dy. Commissioner Jammu struck back on NPP candidate by impounding a vehicle of Mr. Vilakshan Singh, Advocate, a candidate from Nagrota Assembly constituency this morning which has no flag on it even. While Mr. Vilakshan Singh was travelling from Udhampur side to Jammu the police attacked Panthers Party candidate threw Mr. Vilakshan Singh and some of his female relatives out of the vehicle on the roadside.

BJP, NC, Congress violating Code of Conduct.

22nd November, 2014
Hon’ble Shri V.S. Sampath
Chief Election Commissioner
Election Commission of India,
Nirachan Sadan, Ashoka Road,
New Delhi

Sub:- BJP, NC, Congress violating Code of Conduct.

It is a grave situation in J&K so far as application of Code of Conduct is concerned. When I visited Srinagar, District of Gandherbal entire area, roads, buildings are decorated with party flags and buntings. The posters are pasted on the government walls. Similar is the situation in Banihal, Ramban, Doda, Chhatroo in Kishtwar District, Kishtwar City and Bhaderwah. On the visit of Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi in Kishtwar this morning, entire Kishtwar District has been converted into curfew zone. All the government vehicles and materials are being used for BJP’s election campaign and. The local and Election Observers in these entire areas are working under the dictates of respective Dy. Commissioners who are District Election Officers. The election has been converted into a battlefield with entire police and security vehicles provided to the ordinary workers of BJP, Congress and NC.
The District Election Officer, Jammu raided Panthers Party headquarters in Gandhinagar, Jammu and picked up a vehicle (Tata Sumo) which was stationed in the office for fixing election material. The District Election Officer refused to provide permission to JKNPP vehicles. The permission was granted a day later to justify impounding the JKNPP vehicle. It is important to note that notification for Jammu election has not been issued yet. The vehicle was not involved in any campaigning at all. The District Election Officer is working as an agent of the National Conference.
Security cover and escort vehicle provided to JKNPP candidate Mr. Jehangir Khan in Karnah (Kashmir) constituency was withdrawn the next day after a scrutiny. Mr. Jehangir Khan is working in highly sensitive area and cannot move for his election campaign. The J&K government has provided security cover with security vehicles and free fuel to all the candidates, their election agents and district presidents and office bearers of all the political parties except JKNPP.
Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed, a candidate from Inderwal (Kishtwar) has not been provided even a single escort whereas all other candidates, even independent candidates have been provided with escort, security and free fuel in Doda, Kishtwar and Ramban Districts. When Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed contacted Kishtwar headquarters he was told as there is no fuel for his escort vehicle. Mr. Iqbal Mohd. Chaudhary is Vice President of JKNPP and Incharge of militancy affected area of Doda and Kishtwar Districts. He has not been provided sufficient security nor even with escort vehicle. The JKNPP candidates and their election agents are handicapped to continue election campaign. Not a single state general secretary, vice president or state office bearer has been provided any security cover nor with escort vehicles to actively participate in the election campaign in J&K.
Four candidates of JKNPP could not file their nomination papers in Ladakh and Gurez (Bandipora) only because the state refused provide them any security cover not even a single security man.
Hon’ble CEC this is the kind of the situation in J&K. How can you claim that elections are being held free and fairly in J&K. Code of Conduct is only being misused to suppress and oppress the Panthers Party election campaign and the observers as well as most of the district election officers are working as agents for BJP or for NC and Congress.
“It is just for your honour’s information that fuel for the BP car, which has been provided to me because of my ‘Z’ security that fuel (petrol) (which is provided to me for the past 14 years in J&K) has been stopped and I have not been given paid accommodation in any Guest House and Circuit House in the areas where there is no hotel or otherwise to stay, whereas all other leaders of the political parties are enjoying all state facilities in the government Dak Bungalows. I have spent most of my nights during election campaign in the Valley and in Jammu in the freezing cold in my private vehicle.”
You are the judge, let you judge yourself, is it a free and fair election.
With regards from Doda District,
Yours sincerely,

Prof.Bhim Singh
Chief Patron