BJP exposed for trading with defectors and detractors in J&K polls

“The Bharatiya Janata Party has proved that it is Beopar Junta Party in reality as Prime Minister Narendra Modi had declared during his visit to Japan that he is a Gujarati and apt with beopar. This has been proved the way, the sinking BJP, has distributed its mandate in the J&K Assembly. Some are the defectors, some detractors and some dark horses not recognized in their own village.” This was the reaction of Prof.Bhim Singh, founder of JKNPP after having glance over the candidates announced by the party for the Assembly polls in J&K.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that BJP in spite of its best efforts failed to infiltrate into the strong fort of JKNPP. It started sale and purchase strategy with other parties. It managed through its Beopar Mandal to get some Congressmen in the lap of the party. Having nothing in its store, the party has launched some Congressmen and other foreign elements into the party fold and boarded them into its sinking ship in J&K.
The NPP leader said that it used some party legislators in the past for their beopar-trade who voted for cash to the Congress and NC during Council elections defeating their own candidates. This was a most shameful sell out by the BJP. The BJP at the Centre did not think that their beopar can be promoted by these tainted legislators, it chose to pick up some defectors and detractors for the ensuing polls in J&K who may not be useful for their Hindutva propaganda nor for their beopar target.
Prof.Bhim Singh appealed the electorates of J&K particularly that of Jammu Pradesh to expose and depose this Beopar Junta Party (BJP) to save the state particularly Jammu Pradesh from further sell out. He said that Jammu State is the only solution and good for the people of the state as Kashmir State as well as Ladakh State shall emerge the day Jammu State is established. This is the only way he said to revive the lost glory of the Dogras, the people of Jammu State and their identity. The Panthers Party is the only party of the people, by the people and for the people.