Over 100 Kashmiri Pandit Migrants, mostly children and women detained in P/S. Parliament

Over 100 Kashmir Pandit Migrants who reached Delhi yesterday with a message, ‘Akhir Kab Tak’ in their Rath Yatra from J&K to Delhi were detained illegally by Delhi Police and dumped on the ground of Parliament Street Police Station last evening. Nearly 18 hours have passed and they have been detained illegally in utter violation of the fundamental rights of the Indian citizens which Kashmiri Psandit Migrants are also entitled too being citizens of India.
Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party visited the helpless and unregistered prisoners including children, women, youth and several senior citizens.
The leaders of Kashmiri Pandit Migrants including Pt. R.K. Bhat, President, Youth All India Kashmiri Samaj told that the representatives of the Kashmiri Samaj came in a Rath Yatra from J&K through Punjab and Haryana reached Delhi and wanted to take out a Candle March at India Gate. He said that they were stopped by the police and beaten. One elderly lady Mrs. Tripta Devi who was beaten by the police was admitted in the hospital whereas several other migrants are missing.
They want to meet the Prime Minister and present their memorandum to him. Prof.Bhim Singh expressed hope that the Home Minister and the Prime Minister shall intervene and ensure that Kashmiri Pandit Migrants are treated with respect and dignity as citizens of this country. w

May Deepawali wash darkness from the minds of all

The sparklers in Diwali Celebrations 2010

The sparklers in Diwali Celebrations 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a message on the Deepawali in 2014, Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party & Member of National Integration Council hoped that God shall bless all human beings on earth with insight and lights so that we shall recognize all human beings as same class so that darkness created by power hunger, hatred, vengeance and wealth shall disappear forever and ever so that the people on the planet live in peace and harmony. So that there shall be no more blood, bullets, killings and wars. Let us share this festival of lights which provides only lights and lights for everybody irrespective of his/her creed, religion, state, country, poverty or riches and all. Unique lights shall glow the composite culture where everyone shall live in peace and justice.