Don’t convert SCBA into Modi hub Warns Sr. EC Member, Prof. Bhim Singh

English: The supreme court of india. Taken abo...

English: The supreme court of india. Taken about 170 m from the main building outside the perimeter wall (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Prof. Bhim Singh, Sr. Executive Member of Supreme Court Bar Association & Chairman of Sub-Committee of Conferences and International Affairs has expressed deep shock as to how SCBA is being converted into a Modi hub by some sycophants in the name of safai campaign launched by Modi for his political ends and cheap publicity. Prof. Bhim Singh said that the lawyers’ community has been working to wash all stints and all acts of criminalization in the society all along. He said that cleansing of minds and hearts of the politicians is more important than cleansing the outside dust. He said that lawyers’ community has been using the legal broom to clear all the dirt from the face of criminal minds which is a greater task than cleaning the dirt on the roads and streets.

Prof. Bhim Singh has strongly disagreed with the leadership of SCBA to invite political leaders of a political party for seeking small favours through their sycophancy. Prof. Bhim Singh has boycotted this drama being enacted inside the corridors of the greatest judicial institution that does not match with the dignity of lawyers’ community.