NPP demands Governor Rule for holding free & fair polls

Srinagar (J&K) Oct. 16, 2014:  Prof. Bhim Sigh, Chief Patron NPP and Member of NIC addressing a Press Conference in Srinagar demanded Governor Rule under Sec. 92 of J&K Constitution so that free and fair elections to the state Assembly are held. 


Prof Bhim Singh told media persons in Srinagar that relief is not reaching flood victims in spite of Supreme Court directions, even the dead bodies of the flood victims in Panchari, Nowshera have not been traced out in spite of Governments assurance before the SC.  He accused Modi Government for its failure to declare national disaster/natural calamity in Jammu and Kashmir so that huge devastation could be compensated to the affected families. 


Location map of Jammu and Kashmir, India. De f...Prof. Bhim Singh said that Chief Minister was missing from the state and came only on 6th September where as Prime Minister had aerial view on 7th Sept. 2014 across the valley only.  He has no idea about the flood devastation in Jammu Pradesh.  It was only because of the SC intervention on JKNPP petition that the Court directed J&K government to constitute unified command to ensure, rescue, relief and rehabilitation.  The government did not follow it.  He said thousands of crores of rupees flooded in the state from the centre and other states but the suffering people did not get even peanuts.  He said that almost all political party offices including JKNPP in Srinagar have been completely demolished and there is no working place for the political workers. 


Prof. Bhim Singh said that so called ISIS scare is being circulated by the ruling parties only to create scare mongering campaign and to brow beat the centre which is the oldest practice of the Kashmiri rulers.  He also accused government to shift secretariat from Srinagar to Jammu when the people in valley are suffering for relief and shelter.  He demanded that Secretariat should function in Srinagar as well as in Jammu around the year.


Those who present in the press conference included Masood Andrabi Vice-President, Farooq Ahmad Dar Provincial President (Kashmir Province) etc.


Bhim Singh launches Jammu State Students Movement on Martyrs’ 48th Anniversary

Heavy tributes were paid this morning to the Jammu Student Martyrs who were killed by police bullets doing the Congress government in J&K while the movement was led by Prof.Bhim Singh for opening university in Jammu with other institutions. This happened on 17th October, 1966, 48 years ago, when three students were brutally shot dead by the police right inside the premises of Gandhi Memorial Science College, Jammu.

Bhim Singh, the chief organizer of the movement escaped the police bullets. On 18th October, 1966 thousands of students marching through the Jammu streets led by Students Congress under the leadership of Prof.Bhim Singh in protest demanding to bring all murderers to justice were showered with bullets resulting into martyrdom of S. Gurcharan Singh. Hundreds of students and youth were injured. Some of them lost their arms or legs. There were orders to catch or kill student leader, Bhim Singh by the government.

Prof. Bhim Singh reminded hundreds of students at the Memorial Site in front of Science College, Jammu, how the students were killed, injured only when they were demanding university for Jammu. He also narrated the history how he along with some student leaders namely, Mr. Kamal Gandotra, Mr. Shishu Singh, Mr. Raj Kumar Saigal, Mr. D.D. Abrol, Mr. D.D. Singh and others escaped from the curfew bound Jammu city and reach Delhi to meet the then Prime Minister, Mrs. Indira Gandhi. Prof. Bhim Singh admired the courage of Mrs. Indira Gandhi who got inquiry commission constituted under Mr. Mukherjee which found several officials and police officers guilty and recommended punishment.

Prof. Bhim Singh said that he was expelled from J&K by the Congress government. While paying tributes to the student martyrs he praised their sacrifices, which has brought not one university but many in Jammu Pradesh with several professional colleges.

Prof. Bhim Singh said that 50 years back we asked for university and we got and now we are asking for Jammu State. He appealed all student organizations in Jammu Pradesh from the school to the university level to organize a Jammu State Students Movement (JSSM) so that people of Jammu Pradesh shall get freedom from the most corrupt, authoritarian and criminal rulers. He nominated Mr. Virender Thakur, State President-NPSU and his team to lead the movement JSSM by taking into confidence all student organizations in the state.

Others who also paid tributes to the student martyrs included Mr. P.K Ganju (Vice-President), Ms. Anita Thakur, Mr. H.C. Jalmeria (General Secretaries-JKNPP), Mr. Bansi Lal Sharma, Advisor-JKNPP, Mr. Jagdev Singh, Coordination Secretary, Mr. Naresh Chib, District President Jammu Rural, Mr. Virender Thakur, President-NPSU, Ms.Asha Rani, State Secretary-NPSU, Mr. Nirmal Kishore, Mr.Aftab Alam and office bearers of NPSU from various colleges including Jammu University, Samba College, MAM College, GGM Science College, Commerce College, Pushpinder Singh Manhas, Sr. Vice President, Young Panthers, Mr. Gagan Pratap Singh, Coordinator & Media Incharge, Young Panthers and S. Mohinder Pal Pandu, Student Leader, Roopesh Singh, Davinder Kumar, Rahul Sharma, Bhupinder Singh, Amit Charak, Shubam Jasrotia, Sanjeev, Deepak Sharma,