Utterly Disappointing, Modi ji

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of NPP and Member-NIC in a rejoinder to Prime Minister Narendra Modi conveyed that his (Modi) maiden speech from Red Fort he made on the Independence Day was highly disappointing not for his critics but for his well-wishers as well. He reminded Shri Modi about the speech that Pakistan Prime Minister made on 14th August on Pak Independence Day on J&K and wanted to know why Indian Prime Minister could not tell Pakistan to read the resolution of Indian Parliament it carried unanimously in 1994 that J&K is integral part of India.
He wondered on the silence of Prime Minister Modi on the India’s foreign policy of peaceful coexistence, non-alignment and complete disarmament which India has been advocating ever since it’s Independence.
Prof. Bhim asked Modi ji why he omitted to mention India’s role in BRICS where he participated recently in Brazil. Why he let go India’s concern on the situation created by the vested interests in the Middle-East particularly in Palestine, Iraq and Libya. He could have appealed for peace and no war. He failed to mention about our growing relationship with Latin Countries and South East. Both are very important neighbours for India. Ignoring Russia from the list of friend in his speech cannot be justified. The Prime Minister of the largest democracy of the world forgot about the role and India’s support to the African world.
What measures the Govt. shall be taking to curb corruption and price rise the Prime Minister omitted that chapter too.
NPP Supremo said that Shri Modi has failed to carry the day for which one billion Indians in India and the people abroad were waiting.