Debate on J&K in British Parliament highly condemnable, infringes UN Charter

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party, Member of National Integration Council and a noted jurist in India from J&K has described debate on J&K inside 640 Members House of British Parliament yesterday as highly deplorable and condemnable act on the part of the so-called collegiums of five Big in the United Nations. He said though only 30 Member Parliament out of 640 attended the so-called debate on J&K which forms integral part of the Union of India in the same way as Wales is part of the United Kingdom and Paris of France.

          NPP Supremo wanted to know the silence on the part of Modi government on this dangerous precedent created by the British Parliament by interfering in the domestic affairs of India. He reminded Britain about the death of dozen of Irish leaders who were allowed to die while resorting to hunger strike seeking liberation from the British colonial rule in the seventies. He accused Britain for setting flames in their ex-colonies when they were forced to quit. He reminded the people of the world how Britain managed to divide Palestine in 1948 by using the offices of the United Nations, divided Cameroon and divided India in 1947. He said the British imperialism has left scars on the face of humanity in its former colonies in Asia, Africa and elsewhere.

          “Not contended by the progress and unity of India and its role for the world peace and progress, the Anglo-American Bloc tried to sabotage India’s sovereignty by exporting violence to Punjab in the eighties. They fomented trouble, violence and inducted terrorism into J&K which is still going on. Totally frustrated by the fact that the people of J&K have failed all the ugly designs of the Anglo-American Bloc by rejecting terrorism in the state, the Anglo-American Bloc now has stood exposed when India’s domestic affairs were raised in the colonial Parliament in London last week. Though only 30 MPs out of 640 were present in the so-called debate, yet the ugly designs and ulterior motives of the British imperialism have stood completely exposed.” Prof.Bhim Singh said in his letter to the Secretary-General of the United Nations this morning.

          Prof.Bhim Singh urged the political parties in Parliament in India to discuss about the torturous and violent role of British government being played in Palestine, Middle-East, Africa and even in Ireland and Scotland under British administration.