Defence Minister misleads Parliament on Chinese presence in POK

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party, who is also Member of National Integration Council has expressed serious concern on the silence or ignorance of Shri Arun Jaitley, Defence Minister of India on the actual state of affairs vis-à-vis 32,000 sq. miles of the Indian Territory under Pakistan occupation since 1947 called Gilgit-Baltistan. The NPP Chief Patron reminded the minister that Gilgit-Baltistan were occupied by Pakistan after the ceasefire in 1947 and arrested the Gilgit Governor, Brig. Ghansara Singh. Since then this part of J&K, Indian Territory stands occupied in violation of UN Resolution.

          Prof.Bhim Singh wondered if the Defence Minister has the least idea/ information that 5000 sq. miles of Indian Territory in Karakoram (Gilgit-Baltistan) was illegally leased out by Pakistan to China. India did not raise a single voice against this occupation and illegal transfer of land.

          He questioned the minister if he has any knowledge on the fact that China has built 65 station pads for their army helicopters which keep around the clock vigil on the national highway which China has built from Beijing to Peshawar (Pakistan) to connect China with Europe for the first time in history through the Indian Territory.

          Prof.Bhim Singh also questioned the minister if he has any idea/information that Pakistan in 2009 has unilaterally and in utter violation of the resolution of UN declared Gilgit-Baltistan as its 5th province. The land in question about which the Defence Minister replied in Lok Sabha on 25th July, 2014 saying,

Government pays close attention to Chinese activities in PoK and it has conveyed its concerns to China and asked them to cease such activities.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that either the minister is ignorant about the real situation or has intended to mislead Lok Sabha. In any way, this was the responsibility of the Members of Parliament to correct the minister in the interest of maintaining the integrity of the Parliament and keep the world informed about the correct situation.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that China occupied about 20,000 sq. miles of Indian Territory in Ladakh sector since 1962 which China has annexed permanently. He regretted that the Defence Minister of India failed to pass on correct information to the Members of the Parliament. He expressed shock on the silence of the Members of Parliament who failed to raise the issue in right perspective.

Panthers Party activists burn Netanyahu’s effigy Demand UN intervention under Chapter-VII

 effigy-netanyahu Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party while addressing the Panthers Party protestors at Jantar Mantar demanded that India should convene N  AM countries movement meeting in New Delhi in support of the people of Palestine and with total condemnation of the genocide of the Palestinians by Israeli aggressors. He also appealed all the Arab nations to learn a lesson from Belfour Declaration of 1917 when the betrayal of the Arab people started by Britain. He also demanded that United Nations should implement all resolutions passed by the United Nations against Israel without delay. He said India should not forget its role it has been playing to bring international peace and security in the Middle-East.
Earlier hundreds of NPP activists made bonfire of the effigy of Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu condemning him for the genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza and demanding UN intervention under Chapter-VII.
Those who addressed the protestors burning the effigy of Israeli Prime Prime Minister, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu included M/s. Rajiv Jolly Khosla, S.N.Chandola, Editor, Small Newspapers Association, Surjit Singh Guleria, Ajay Raj, Jai Ram Lal,  Pradesh General Secretaries, Om Kishan, Dildar Hussain Beg, President, Rashtriya Muslim Ekta Manch, Mrs. Renuka Sharma, Sushma Devi, social activists, Advocate D. Vidyanandam, Secretary, Legal Aid, R.P. Sharma, Political Secretary, Rahul Vig  and others.effigy of netanyahoo
Prof.Bhim Singh made the following statement to the media and the NPP activists;
This is one of the greatest tragedies of the first world war that the Palestinians came under the bloody rule of allies (Britain and France) after their liberation from Automan Empire after the end of the world war. The Palestinians became slaves of the Anglo-American Bloc till 1947. The big power including the then USSR supported the United Nations to dissect Palestine and create a Zionist State of Israel.
Palestinians in spite of many assurances, promises, agreements by the western power have not been able to get their statehood. Oslo Agreement was the last tragedy and barbarism of the west that Palestine could not get its sovereignty or independence.
The latest two weeks continued barbaric aggression against the Palestinians in Gaza is a living example of genocide by the State of Israel against the Palestinians. The world is keeping quiet whereas Anglo-American Bloc including entire Europe has been cheering Israel while their bombers killed children, women, old civilians in Gaza. Obama has been exposed as his pro-Zionist stands has been established before the world.
Alas NAM countries leadership became defunct since the disappearance of Nasser-Nehru-Titto-Trio. Palestine has been literally, physically, politically taken over by Israel following 1967 colonial aggression against Palestine itself which was recognized by the UN during Palestine partition under Resolution 181.
Israel has committed grave violation of UN Resolutions namely 242, 338 and several others in wpanthers activists set bonfire of israeli prime minister's effigyhich United Nations had directed Israel to vacate all Arab lands she occupied in 1967. Israel continued its aggression till date. Now they intend to demolish entire existence of the Palestine which is evident from the Israeli aggression against Gaza, Palestine.
It is another tragedy that the Indian leadership which had its commitment towards Palestinians brothern since Mahatma Gandhi’s time has ceased to exist. The present leadership in India has surrendered before the dictates of the Anglo-American Bloc.
The Panthers Party workers are protesting at Jantar Mantar, in front of the Parliament House in the Indian capital, New Delhi demanding immediate stop of Israeli aggression. The UN should intervene by invoking Chapter-VII of the UN Charter by its military intervention to halt the bloody aggression against Palestine in Gaza. The Panthers Party also demands full compensation for the loss of lives and property of the Palestinians in Gaza they have suffered during the aggression.

Cong-NC playing hide and seek Another fraud with people

 Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron, J&K National Panthers Party described Congress declaration as fraud with the people that it shall contest forthcoming Assembly elections alone. He questioned Congress as to why don’t it (Congress) come out of the NC-led government immediately to prove their bonafides. They have no right to speak.

He said that Congress has been playing fraud with the people right since 1951. It was Congress leadership which filed application before United Nations in 1948 and accepted so-called ceasefire to allow partition of Jammu region. It was Congress which imposed Kashmir’s corrupt and authoritarian rulers who are responsible for death, destruction, militancy and corruption in J&K. It was Congress which bring ‘Sheikh Abdullah’ a pioneer in 1973 and again Congress imposed ‘Farooq Abdullah’ on the people by rigging in 1987. It was Congress which gave new lease of life to Farooq Abdullah led NC in 1996 and again 2009.

Now, Congress has been taught a bitter lesson by the people in Lok Sabha polls. It has realized that the people of J&K have decided to ‘sink’ their common ship in the Jhelum River. Congress has thought of another fraud by leaving all ‘mud’ in NC basket and declaring to fight Assembly election alone.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that reorganization of the State shall alone make it possible to ‘get-rid’ of corrupt, criminal and authoritarian game plan of Congress-NC players.

Congress has been sharing all ‘fruits’ and ‘loot’ in the government with NC, has committed crimes against the people.

Now congress wants to share all the loot and power till the last day but they want to pretend to be honest and sincere by declaring that congress shall fight Assembly elections by itself. A co-accused becomes ‘Sultani-witness’.

Prof. Bhim Singh appealed the youth and students in particular to join
the Panthers’ movement to expose, oppose and finally depose Congress,
NC forever so that the people of the state shall live in dignity and

Prof.Bhim Singh said that NC on the other has been hobnobbing with BJP. NC voted for BJP candidate in Lok Sabha election too.



Bhim Singh demands release of political & PSA prisoners before Eid as General Amnesty

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party and Member of National Integration Council has urged Shri N.N. Vohra, the Governor of J&K for his urgent intervention for unconditional release of all political and PSA prisoners who have been languishing in different jails in J&K on the eve of Eid as a token of goodwill message to hundreds of families of the prisoners.

          Prof.Bhim Singh said that there are several youngsters/students/juvenile who were imprisoned and continue to be in jails in J&K under minor offences, some of them relating to so-called stone-pelting incidents in 2010. Prof.Bhim Singh said that the continued detention under PSA or otherwise of the youth and students in J&K is highly undesirable and violative of the human rights of the people. The Chief Minister, Mr. Omar Abdullah, who always talks of democracy and human rights should start sweeping from his own door to cure the blunders which has been committed in his own regime whether in Kashmir Valley or in Gool or Kishtwar. He has been accusing the Army personnel looking after the security of the state for alleged human rights violation. He asked him (Chief Minister) what about the human rights violation in J&K committed and are being committed by his own government.

          He forcefully pleaded for the release of all prisoners in J&K who are not involved in heinous crimes like murder, so that a message of goodwill may be extended to the families of the prisoners. So that the young one may start their career again.

          Prof.Bhim Singh in the rejoinder to the Chief Minister said that if the political prisoners in J&K detained under PSA or otherwise are not released before Eid or on the Eid day, he shall knock the doors of the Supreme Court of India to ensure delivery of justice to the victims of J&K government languishing in J&K prisons.



J&K integral part of India Confederation proposed by NPP is only way out

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party and Member of National Integration Council has said that the BJP leadership stood completely exposed on the floors of the Parliament when the government made an exclusive statement that the present status arising out of Article 370 shall remain unchanged. The NPP Supremo said that the people of India voted for BJP on its agenda vis-à-vis J&K. He said that there is a need to amend Article 370 in the Constitution so as to empower Parliament to legislate in respect of J&K as has been the practice in respect of all other states in the country.

          Prof.Bhim Singh said that it is shocking that the Members of Lok Sabha have no idea about the most tragic effects caused by the provisions in Article 370 of Constitution of India which debars Parliament of India to make any law vis-à-vis J&K even the Parliament cannot make any law on Defence, Foreign Affairs or Communication.

          He said that 95 MPs in the Parliament are totally ignorant of the fact that Article 370 has vested (illegal) power in the President of India to issue Presidential Orders in emergency if any urgent legislation has to be introduced relating to Defence, Foreign Affairs or Communication. This President of India cannot do unless the President seeks concurrence from the Govt. of J&K. There is another condition that the government of J&K which is competent to give its concurrence has to be the government which was appointed by Maharaja Hari Singh (the then ruler of J&K) on 5th March, 1948. Further he said that any amendment in Article 370 is possible only on the recommendation of the Constituent Assembly of J&K which died down in 1957 following the enactment of J&K Constitution. The Constituent Assembly is dead and gone.

          Moreover, he said, the Monarchy was abolished on August 20, 1952 by the J&K Constituent Assembly presided by Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah and Article 370 from that date became infructuous. He said that Parliament enjoys absolute power Article 368 of the Constitution to amend any provision in the Constitution of India.

          Prof.Bhim Singh said that all these national and international dramas vis-à-vis J&K shall end the day Parliament of India is empowered to make law on J&K. That is possible only by an amendment in Article 370.