Panthers Party activists burn Netanyahu’s effigy Demand UN intervention under Chapter-VII

 effigy-netanyahu Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party while addressing the Panthers Party protestors at Jantar Mantar demanded that India should convene N  AM countries movement meeting in New Delhi in support of the people of Palestine and with total condemnation of the genocide of the Palestinians by Israeli aggressors. He also appealed all the Arab nations to learn a lesson from Belfour Declaration of 1917 when the betrayal of the Arab people started by Britain. He also demanded that United Nations should implement all resolutions passed by the United Nations against Israel without delay. He said India should not forget its role it has been playing to bring international peace and security in the Middle-East.
Earlier hundreds of NPP activists made bonfire of the effigy of Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu condemning him for the genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza and demanding UN intervention under Chapter-VII.
Those who addressed the protestors burning the effigy of Israeli Prime Prime Minister, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu included M/s. Rajiv Jolly Khosla, S.N.Chandola, Editor, Small Newspapers Association, Surjit Singh Guleria, Ajay Raj, Jai Ram Lal,  Pradesh General Secretaries, Om Kishan, Dildar Hussain Beg, President, Rashtriya Muslim Ekta Manch, Mrs. Renuka Sharma, Sushma Devi, social activists, Advocate D. Vidyanandam, Secretary, Legal Aid, R.P. Sharma, Political Secretary, Rahul Vig  and others.effigy of netanyahoo
Prof.Bhim Singh made the following statement to the media and the NPP activists;
This is one of the greatest tragedies of the first world war that the Palestinians came under the bloody rule of allies (Britain and France) after their liberation from Automan Empire after the end of the world war. The Palestinians became slaves of the Anglo-American Bloc till 1947. The big power including the then USSR supported the United Nations to dissect Palestine and create a Zionist State of Israel.
Palestinians in spite of many assurances, promises, agreements by the western power have not been able to get their statehood. Oslo Agreement was the last tragedy and barbarism of the west that Palestine could not get its sovereignty or independence.
The latest two weeks continued barbaric aggression against the Palestinians in Gaza is a living example of genocide by the State of Israel against the Palestinians. The world is keeping quiet whereas Anglo-American Bloc including entire Europe has been cheering Israel while their bombers killed children, women, old civilians in Gaza. Obama has been exposed as his pro-Zionist stands has been established before the world.
Alas NAM countries leadership became defunct since the disappearance of Nasser-Nehru-Titto-Trio. Palestine has been literally, physically, politically taken over by Israel following 1967 colonial aggression against Palestine itself which was recognized by the UN during Palestine partition under Resolution 181.
Israel has committed grave violation of UN Resolutions namely 242, 338 and several others in wpanthers activists set bonfire of israeli prime minister's effigyhich United Nations had directed Israel to vacate all Arab lands she occupied in 1967. Israel continued its aggression till date. Now they intend to demolish entire existence of the Palestine which is evident from the Israeli aggression against Gaza, Palestine.
It is another tragedy that the Indian leadership which had its commitment towards Palestinians brothern since Mahatma Gandhi’s time has ceased to exist. The present leadership in India has surrendered before the dictates of the Anglo-American Bloc.
The Panthers Party workers are protesting at Jantar Mantar, in front of the Parliament House in the Indian capital, New Delhi demanding immediate stop of Israeli aggression. The UN should intervene by invoking Chapter-VII of the UN Charter by its military intervention to halt the bloody aggression against Palestine in Gaza. The Panthers Party also demands full compensation for the loss of lives and property of the Palestinians in Gaza they have suffered during the aggression.