Cong-NC playing hide and seek Another fraud with people

 Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron, J&K National Panthers Party described Congress declaration as fraud with the people that it shall contest forthcoming Assembly elections alone. He questioned Congress as to why don’t it (Congress) come out of the NC-led government immediately to prove their bonafides. They have no right to speak.

He said that Congress has been playing fraud with the people right since 1951. It was Congress leadership which filed application before United Nations in 1948 and accepted so-called ceasefire to allow partition of Jammu region. It was Congress which imposed Kashmir’s corrupt and authoritarian rulers who are responsible for death, destruction, militancy and corruption in J&K. It was Congress which bring ‘Sheikh Abdullah’ a pioneer in 1973 and again Congress imposed ‘Farooq Abdullah’ on the people by rigging in 1987. It was Congress which gave new lease of life to Farooq Abdullah led NC in 1996 and again 2009.

Now, Congress has been taught a bitter lesson by the people in Lok Sabha polls. It has realized that the people of J&K have decided to ‘sink’ their common ship in the Jhelum River. Congress has thought of another fraud by leaving all ‘mud’ in NC basket and declaring to fight Assembly election alone.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that reorganization of the State shall alone make it possible to ‘get-rid’ of corrupt, criminal and authoritarian game plan of Congress-NC players.

Congress has been sharing all ‘fruits’ and ‘loot’ in the government with NC, has committed crimes against the people.

Now congress wants to share all the loot and power till the last day but they want to pretend to be honest and sincere by declaring that congress shall fight Assembly elections by itself. A co-accused becomes ‘Sultani-witness’.

Prof. Bhim Singh appealed the youth and students in particular to join
the Panthers’ movement to expose, oppose and finally depose Congress,
NC forever so that the people of the state shall live in dignity and

Prof.Bhim Singh said that NC on the other has been hobnobbing with BJP. NC voted for BJP candidate in Lok Sabha election too.