NPP Supremo’s rejoinder to PM Modi on Jammu Hindu Migrants

Prof.Bhim Singh, Supremo of National Panthers Party and Member of NIC shot an urgent letter to Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi on the fraud committed against the Jammu Hindu Migrants who have been completely wiped out of NDA budget regarding their rehabilitation. Prof.Bhim Singh has raised this issue with the Prime Minister so that he is adequately informed about the categories of the migrants and the refugees residing in J&K since 1947.  In his letter to Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, Bhim Singh wrote; 

“Mr. Prime Minister, your government’s budget carried headlines in the daily newspapers that your government has allotted about Rs.500 crores for the rehabilitation of the Kashmiri Pundit Migrants. This is a great effort and deserves admiration. But we have right to know why Jammu Hindu Migrants have been ignored. There is no mentioning even on their existence at all. Your budget has talked so much about corporate sector but what happened to the rehabilitation plan other than the Kashmiri Pundit Migrants. You may not have been briefed adequately by your advisers that there are several hundred Kashmiri Migrants other than Kashmiri Pundit Migrants. They include the Kashmiri Dogra Migrants, Kashmiri Punjabi Migrants, Kashmiri Rajput Migrants, Kashmiri Sikh Migrants including Kashmiri Muslim Migrants. I hope and trust that your Finance Minister shall have relook into the entire situation so that justice shall be done to all the migrants from Jammu and other places.

          Without entering into the merits of your government presented yesterday in the Parliament, I would like to restrict my views on plight of those Jammu Hindu Migrants who were forced out of their homes in 1990/2000 following Kargil war. Prankote (Reasi) massacre of the Hindu residents by the terrorists created such a panic that the people had to flee their homes.  The 1998 Prankote massacre of 26 Hindus in the villages of Prankote and Dakikote in Udhampur District (Reasi District at present), J&K on 17th April, 1998. Entire leadership of the country including Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and Shri L.K. Advani landed in Prankote by helicopters to condole the inhuman killings of the innocent persons. Hundreds of Hindus were joined by the scared Muslim families and they migrated to the safe places in Jammu, Reasi, Udhampur and other places.

          The Govt. of J&K was reluctant to provide any relief to these migrants for the reasons to be understood by the leadership. The Govt. of India agreed to sanction relief both in cash and kind to these Jammu Migrants as well as to the border migrants. The Jammu Migrants were discriminated in the sanction of relief. They were given much less relief as compared to the Kashmiri Pandit Migrants.

          The Panthers Party moved a petition and the High Court of J&K allowed the petition directing the Govts. of India and the State to provide relief to the Jammu Migrants at par with Kashmiri Pundit Migrants. It is tragic that the State government went an appeal to the Supreme Court of India. The Supreme Court of India in its order dated 13.07.2006 dismissed the appeal filed by the State Govt. and the State Govt. filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court to allow adequate relief to all the Jammu Migrants. The Govt. of J&K also submitted a list of 2201 families of Jammu Migrants admitting that they deserved relief and were determined as genuine migrants. The Govt. of J&K further admitted that no relief was released in favour of these Jammu Migrants w.e.f. 2004. The Govt. admitted that there were Rs.21 crores of arrears due to the families of Jammu Migrants. Every thing is on record with the Ministry of Home Affairs.

There is another tragedy that the Union Govt. headed by Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee raised the quantum of relief both in cash and kind for the Kashmiri Pundit Migrants whereas the Jammu Hindu Migrants remained denied of that benefit. Instead the J&K Govt. did not issue them even Relief Certificates.

Since 2007 several Jammu Migrants, most of them have been camping in Talwara, broken and deserted huts vacated by the ex-employees of the Salal Project, the Jammu Migrants have not been provided any regular relief in spite of their protests, dharnas and what not. This is another tragedy that some of the poverty-stricken Jammu Migrants sold out their children to the outsiders to save rest of the family from death. This matter echoed on the floors of the Assembly raised by the Panthers Party legislators. Nothing happened.

Thousands of Jammu Migrants took out a peaceful march from Talwara Camp in August, 2007. The State Govt. headed by Shri Ghulam Nabi Azad issued a whip to the then Director-General of Police, Shri Kuldip Khuda to stop the peaceful march of the Jammu Migrants to Delhi to seek implementation of the Supreme Court judgment on 07.08.2007. The police attacked the peaceful marchers, brutally assaulted the leaders of the Panthers Party who were leading the road march of Jammu Migrants. Ms. Anita Thakur was brutally assaulted, Mr. H.C. Jalmeria, Advocate was beaten and his leg was broken whereas Mr. P.K.Ganjoo who was filming the police assault was beaten. All of them were put in jail. They are facing a trial in the Sessions & District Court, Reasi today. A writ petition filed by these three Panthers Party activists against the police brutal attack and illegal detention is pending before the Supreme Court of India since 2007.

This matter came up before the Parliamentary Committee which was headed by Mrs. Sushma Swaraj. Shri L.K. Advani was also in the committee besides Shri S.S. Ahluwalia. The Jammu Migrants Action Committee submitted a detailed memorandum to that committee. The Committee also visited Jammu. It is most unfortunate that no follow up action was initiated or taken.

The Jammu Migrants (about 2201 families) camping in Talwara, Udhampur and scattered all over Jammu do deserve rehabilitation back in their villages. Their properties and land has to be restored to them and they need to be provided finances to rebuild their houses and raise their cattle which they were forced to leave behind in their villages when they were made to run away by the terror of the militants.

Mr. Prime Minister, J&K has about 15 lacs of migrants from POK who came from Mirpur, Kotli, Rawalakote, Muzaffrabad and other places when Pak-sponsored raiders invaded J&K. They call themselves as refugees whereas in the revenue record they have been registered as migrants. Governments after government have been promising them comprehensive settlement but that never happened they have remained homeless, source less and penny less till day. There are other refugees of 1965 and 1971 most of them were forced out of their homes from Chhamb area (Jammu Pradesh) when India surrendered Chhamb-Batala to Pakistan in 1965. These Chhamb/Deva-Batala Migrants have been living in the shattered camps like the Palestinian refugees living in Gaza strip. They are permanent residents of J&K but have been living as the refugees without any hope for their future survival. Your government’s budget remains silent in this regard. All those 15 lacs migrants from POK or Hindu Migrants who had voted for you in the past elections. Why your government kept silent on their rehabilitation?

You know well that there are about 85,000 refugees from Pakistan who entered J&K in 1947 during the partition of India. They were lawfully and respectfully settled along the International Border on the Indian side by the administration at that time headed by Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah. They have not been granted civil or political rights in J&K till date. What about their rehabilitation? Why your budget is silent on their plight? Remember that all of them are Hindu refugees, mostly, from SC category.

I hope and trust that this letter may be read and studied carefully in the interest of humanity as Jammu Hindu Migrants/Refugees have remained neglected, suppressed, oppressed and discriminated in the State of J&K which forms integral part of India.” 


NPP condemned Israeli aggression against civilians in Gaza, Palestine

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party and Member of National Integration Council while addressing the NPP activists in the capital, New Delhi condemned Israeli aggression against the Palestinians in Gaza, Palestine which he said amounts to an inhuman and barbaric act in violation of UN Charter. Prof.Bhim Singh who is also Chairman of Indo-Palestine Friendship Society in India appealed the leadership of the Non-Aligned countries to convene NAM meeting without any delay to condemn this barbaric aggression by Israel. He also accused the Security Council of the United Nations for keeping silent on the flagrant violation of UN Resolutions vis-à-vis Palestine passed by the Security Council directing Israel to vacate all Arab occupied lands in the region. He also demanded the implementation of Security Council Resolutions 242, 338 and others without delay.

Prof.Bhim Singh wondered on the criminal silence of the UN and condemned Barack Hussein Obama, the US President, for supporting the naked aggression of Israel against the Palestinian. How US President, he questioned can side Israel knowing well that Israel is an aggressor and has violated UN Resolutions.

Prof.Bhim Singh, an expert on Arab world condemned Anglo-American Bloc to destroy the Arab leadership systematically in order to take control of oils, strategic waters and land in the Middle-East. He accused US for demolishing leadership of President Nasser, murdering Egyptian President, Mr.Saddam Hussein, under the so-called judicial orders, poisoning Yasir Arafat and betraying the Arabs. He said that the US now is criminally engaged to damage the sole surviving Syrian leadership in that region. They have taken control of all oils in Iraq and indirectly it is USA which controls oils of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Libya. The US has created a situation in Egypt by destroying a peace loving and friendly Arab world.

Prof.Bhim Singh expressed shock on the mystic statement of Indian government ‘expressing concern’ on Gaza strip without condemning Israeli aggression and killing innocent Palestinians. This is the new model of the Modi government which does not reflect the will of the people of India.

The NPP shall be organizing a protest in front of UN Headquarters in New Delhi on Tuesday, 15th July, 2014.