NDA Budget, a corporate invasion against rural India

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party & Member of Integration Council described the ‘Modi sarkar budget’ presented in the Parliament today as highly discriminatory with the wretched of earth, particularly, the rural folk, unemployed youth, farmers and the working class in India. He said that the government has failed to redress the problems of educated youth and the lack of adequate judicial infrastructure. The Panthers Party leader said that scope and effects of investment and subsidies in the budget has caused tremendous anger among the rural youth in particular. The budget has earmarked 70.6 billion rupees to create 100 ‘smart cities’. Cities for whom? What about the plight of nearly 95% of the population in the country. What shall be the message of 100 ‘smart cities’? Does it mean that these cities shall be raised for the benefit and promotion of the corporate sector alone and the benefit of the business class only? Similarly 40 billion shall be afforded for housing purposes. For whom? Where is the budget for the rural people and their welfare, jobs and education?

About rural job-guarantee scheme, the NDA has done no wonder. What is the difference between the UPA and NDA in their planning to create job in the rural areas where people need more jobs and work. 100 days job and that too has been restricted to for ‘asset creation’ work. That literally means that this scheme has also been dumped into the graveyard of NDA’s good days are coming.

The budget does not provide any strategy or plan for the promotion of international tourism in India which is capable to earn half of its total income of the budget. The discriminatory taxing and VAT continues to be charged even on drinking water in India.

49% investment in FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in defence and insurance sectors shall cause a serious threat to the security of the state and even to the working of the projects connected with defence purposes. The NDA has proved that it is working only for the corporate sector which financed the election campaign of Shri Modi and his party. 49% of investment in FDI has been gifted to the United States of America on the visit of USA’s Foreign Minister to India. Is this Modi sarkar’s plan to sell out India to the foreigners and bring the working class, farmers and the youth in the streets to fight for justice.

This budget has compelled a wise man to say that time has come when Modi sarkar shall erase the word, ‘secularism’ & ‘socialism’ from the preamble of the Indian Constitution.