PKU expresses full solidarity with JKNPP on Jammu Statehood

An emergency meeting of Panthers Kisan Union (PKU) was held at Reasi and Udhampur today under the chairmanship of its President Mr. Vishwa Dev Singh which expressed total solidarity with and support to the called given by the Panthers Party for Jammu Statehood (Jammu State). The PKU regretted that the farmers (kisans) have always remained at the receiving end in the past 64 years since India achieved its independence though the farmers constitute 90% of the total population of J&K. The PKU said that the farmers, their children and their families have been used as bonded labour by the power that be in J&K. He said that nearly one-third of the population in Jammu state is either refugees or migrants besides almost all of them are farmers rather petty farmers living from hands to mouth. The farmers shall be the big beneficiaries the day state is reorganized and three states namely Jammu State, Kashmir State & Ladakh-Baltistan States are constituted under a confederation with full integration with the rest of the country. It said that the farmers all over the state stand for full integration with the Union of India as well as security of their own social, political, economic and other rights which have remained denied to them for 64 years.

PKU offered full support to the movement declared by the Panthers Party at a delegate session held on 6th July, 2014 at Jammu. It gave call to the farmers to stand by the leadership of the Panthers Party which alone can save the future destiny of the people of Jammu State and protect the interest of the new generation. It said that Kashmiri farmers have equally been exploited by the opportunists and power hungry politicians who can be checked only by distribution of political, economic and administrative authority.

The PKU shall be holding its emergency session on 20th July, 2014 at Udhampur where the senior leaders of the Panthers Party and its legislators as well as members of the secretariat may also participate.

Demise of Justice Mufti Bahauddin Farooqi condoled

The National Panthers Party Supremo & Sr. Advocate, Supreme Court, Prof.Bhim Singh expressed shock on the unfortunate death of the former Chief Minister of J&K, Justice Mufti Bahauddin Farooqi. He described Justice Farooqi as a great jurist, most honest, dedicated and uncompromising judge in the history of J&K.

Prof.Bhim Singh reminded the lawyers’ fraternity that Justice Mufti Bahauddin Farooqi had to suffer lot of embracement and bear pain of injustice to him by the power that be. Justice Mufti Bahauddin Farooqiwas shifted on the intervention of J&K Govt. from J&K to Allahabad where his performance remained par excellence. When he returned to J&K as Chief Justice he held the decision of the government headed by Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah as void and unconstitutional, which had unilaterally reduced the salaries of the newly recruited (gazetted & non-gazetted) employees to a half. Justice Farooqi on a petition by the then MLA, Prof.Bhim Singh, Justice Farooqi quashed the Govt. Order thus added to his woes. Justice Farooqi as a Justice and Chief Justice in J&K came to the rescue to the victims of the state.

Prof.Bhim Singh recollected that Justice Farooqi was transferred from J&K to Sikkim as Chief Justice. He admired Justice Farooqi’s courage and commitment to the cause of justice and his resistance against all kinds of discrimination and injustice when he refused to join as Chief Justice in Sikkim. Prof.Bhim Singh reminded the lawyers’ fraternity that it was he (Bhim Singh) who got the then Chief Justice of India, Shri P.N. Bhagwati to speak on telephone to Justice Farooqi promising him that Justice Farooqi shall be brought to the Supreme Court in case he obliged by taking charge in Sikkim. Prof.Bhim Singh said that Chief Justice Mufti Bahauddin Farooqi refused the bargain because, he felt the coming generations should understand the work and duty of a judge. He preferred resigning his job as Chief Justice.

Prof.Bhim Singh regretted that such a great judge and jurist who never compromised with the power that be remained neglected after his retirement. He said the people of J&K particularly the lawyers’ fraternity, have lost a champion of civil liberties, freedom of judiciary and a great friend and guide. He expressed heart-felt condolences to the family of Justice Farooqi and his admirers.