Bhim Singh welcomes repatriation of Pakistani & POK prisoners, hopes for release of Indian prisoners in Pakistan

Govt. of India today released and repatriated about a dozen of prisoners from Pakistan and POK who were languishing in Indian jails after having completed their respective sentences in different jails. The prisoners released include Mohd. Yousuf Khawaja of Muzaffrabad (arrested in 1995 in Kupwara), Dilawar Sain, Aftab Alam, Mohd. Salim & others. Prof.Bhim Singh in his writ petition no. 310/2005 had included all these names and challenged their continued detention in Sangroor (Punjab) jail and other places.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that rule of law preserved in the Indian Constitution within the meaning and scope of Article 21 of the Constitution of India is the unique source of carrying a legal battle for the release of innocent persons including foreigners.

Prof.Bhim Singh recently visited Pakistan on the invitation of the Lawyers Congress, Lahore headed by Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Zehangir where he was honoured by the Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan at Lahore and Islamabad. Mohd. Yousuf Khawaja has completed almost 20 years in Indian jails and it was only because of the petition of Prof.Bhim Singh that Mr. Khawaja and others were set free during Ramadan. During his visit to Pakistan, Prof.Bhim Singh had promised the family members of Mr. Khawaja that he shall celebrate Eid with his family this year.

Prof.Bhim Singh urged Mr. Nawaz Sharief, the Prime Minister of Pakistan to reciprocate the steps being taken by India to ensure that all the Indian prisoners in Pakistani jails who have completed their sentences are released and send back to India. Prof.Bhim Singh has taken up with Lawyers Congress in Lahore to take up the cases of the Indian prisoners languishing in Pakistani jails.