SCBA (India) express its gratitude to SCBA (Pak) for Honoring Bhim Singh

SCBA today expressed its gratitude towards the Pakistan Supreme Court Bar Association FOR HONOURING Prof Bhim Singh, Sr. Executive Member of the SCBA in Lahore on May 27, 2014 for his efforts to take up the cause of the Pak and Pok Prisoners in Indian jails. Nearly 250 Pakistani and POK prisoners have been released by the intervention of the supreme court of India on the petitions filed by the state Legal Aid Committee headed by Prof Bhim Singh till today. There are still about 250 prisoners in the Indian jails other than the fishermen either convicted or facing trials. The several PIL petitions are pending in the Supreme Court of India petitions seeking release of the Pak prisoners and repatriation. There are about 30 prisoners from Pakistan who are mentally challenged and five of them are deaf and dumb
(goongas). They have been detained in the detention centre in Amritsar jail in spite of the direction of the Supreme Court to take out all those foreign prisoners who have completed their respective sentences or are not wanted in any case. Prof Bhim Singh had sent a team of advocates/ legal Aid Committee to verify if the orders of the Sc were implemented. The main issue is, Says Prof Bhim Singh , that Pakistan has not identified their nationalities.

SCBA appreciated the efforts and contributions made by Prof Bhim Singh towards taking initiative to build new bridges of understanding with the lawyers fraternity in Pakistan. They also congratulated him for being the first Indian Lawyer to be honored with Shield by the Pakistan SCBA and acknowledging his contributions in the field of human rights. The Lawyers Congress Lahore headed by Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Zehangir, was appreciated for their invitation to Prof Bhim Singh to Visit Pakistan. Prof Bhim Singh was presented an Appreciation Award, a Shield, by the Acting President of Pak SCBA, Mr. Naem Sarwar, on behalf of the Supreme court Bar Association of Pakistan in the lawns of the Lahore/ Sup Court Bar association on 27th May 2014 in the presence of the President of Bar Council hundreds of its members.

SCBA also constituted a five member committee to finalize the proposal of Prof. Brim Singh to hold joint meeting with Pak. SCBA to provide free legal Aid to Pak and Indian prisoners detained in India or Pakistan respectively. The meeting of the executive committee SCBA was presided by its president Shri Pravin H. Parekh Sr. Advocate.