Subramanium episode exposed Modi Govt. Plan to subjugate Judiciary

The true colors of Modi Govt plan to subjugate Judiciary and make it answerable to the executive has been exposed after witnessing the naked drama enacted by the Modi Govt in their selective process rejecting one and accepting rest for the highest place in the Indian Judiciaryā€¯ This observation was made by Prof. Brim Singh sr. Advocate of the Supreme court who is also an elected Sr executive member of the SC. He expressed shock that those criticising Mrs Indira Gandhi for scuttling Judicial orders have started scuttling the entire judicial process in the appointment of the judges in the Apex Court. The Govt. cannot act as orbitrator to overrule a part of the recommendation or direction and accepting the rest of it. He maintained that the Collegiums report has to be accepted as a whole or returned whole of it for reconsideration.

The Govt cannot sit as court of appeal. He hoped that the Bar Associations in the country shall take this matter with strength to ensure that the judiciary is not mortgaged to the dictates of the executive.