NPP Supremo demands dismissal of Omar Govt. after concluding his four-day yatra from Kashmir to Jammu

Jammu: June 21, 2014: Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron NPP concluded his four-day tour from Kashmir to Jammu after interacting with hundreds of NPP workers in the valley and in Jammu Pradesh. Prof. Bhim Singh was accompanied by Vice-President Masood Andrabi, General Secretary Ms Anita Thakur, Young Panthers President Syed Rafiq Shah MLC, Provincial President (Kashmir Province) Mr. Farooq Dar, Ramban District General Secretary Shri Sewa Singh Bali and several others senior leaders of the party. After four days hectic interaction with the party workers and members of the Civil Society, Prof. Bhim Singh said in the statement that there is no government worth its name in the state. Almost dispensaries are without doctors or compounders, 50% shortage of teachers in village schools, NREGA schemes has not been implemented since 2011, there is no traffic police on the roads and the Highway from Jammu to Srinagar stands jam packed for hours, 35000/- SPOs are being used as bonded labour in utter violation of the rules and human rights.

Besides, hundreds of innocent students and youth have been detained by the government under the false pretext and there is no delivery of justice from any quarter. Prof. Bhim Singh described exclusive meeting of Mr. Omar Abdullah with Shri Modi in Delhi as a clear indication that Mr. Omar Abdullah has worked out a latent packed with the BJP to retain his power. Only 20% voters in the valley did cast their votes which clearly proves that the present government does not enjoy public support and thus has no right to continue in office. He said that it is highly essential to involve the people in the Kashmir Valley in the electoral process and that is possible only when the elections are held under a neutral government. That is why, he pressed, dismissals of present government to hold free and fair elections under Governor Rule is essential and important to involve the people of Jammu Pradesh, Kashmir Valley and Ladakh in the confidence building process.

Prof. Bhim Singh described the rumours regarding Panthers Party’s future course of action in the battle of the ballot, as baseless manufacture in the rumours Mills of the agencies. He said that the special session of the active workers shall announce its future line of action on 6th July 2014 when the activists of the NPP meet at Brahmin Sabha, Jammu.