Fight the demons, defeat the evil forces Message from Sudhmahadev in 2014

There were only some pick pocketers, some chai-masala and a broken ‘Dhola”. old Shiva temple, cool breeze in June when I visited this area in 1977 as a newly elected MLA from this area. It was a gorgeous destination, centuries old Shiva Temple, a half dozen Shops and a middle School with tattered tots. I decided to take up destination with a mission to introduce the message of Sudhmahadev to the people outside my constituency. 15 day First camp in 1977 itself was organized with the cooperation of state NSUI. Several students and youth leaders attended the National integration camp, some of them turned Chief Ministers, MPs MLAs and even Ministers . A new concept was evolved that Total Revolution was neither practical nor scientific. My proposition on Ultimate ( samul) Revolution received tremendous response from the universities and youth groups. Even Mrs India Gandhi shot a letter of appreciation. 21 point programme was launched from Sudhamahadev. Mrs Indira Gandhi sent written message appreciating the programme.

Sudhamahav became centre of aspiration and the Concept of Mela was broadly converted into a continuous movement of National integration. It is almost 37 years after when I missed the camp but I felt equally happy and contended that the new generation carried the lamp for the next day by holding the camp in Sudhamahdev .We have more than one MLA today and I am sure that they will be able carry on the message and take to the new generation for peaceful coexistence of all constituents in our society by respecting its beauty, grace and inevitability for the harmonious growth of nations. The message of Sudhmahadev is clear and significant today that commands that all human beings are creation of one God and they are born free with no evil born in them. Who are the demons ? Those who try or attempt to divide the society by exploiting them in the name of religions, castes just to gain their petty benefits just to promote their petty interest. The message from Sudhmahadev that I had gathered was truthfulness, justice to all and humanity is the greatest religion on earth. I had experienced this learning during my world tour from 1967 to 1973.

I am sure that the new generation shall carry this message form Sudhmahadev when they go back to their destinations. Let us all fight demons and defeat the evil forces that tend to divide the human race in the name of Caste, religion or races in any discipline of our society. That is they way to grow India as the world peace master

~Bhim SIngh