It is time for Kashmiri leadership to read writings on wall as Kashmiries can no longer be taken for granted

Prof.Bhim Singh, Founder of J&K National Panthers Party and Member of National Integration Council who returned after 10-day visit to Pakistan the other day expressed surprise on the statements of some senior leaders of Kashmir Valley sounding as if they were beating the drums in the fifties least realizing that the entire combination and permutation of the international relations have undergone a sea-changed in 50 years. How does it matter whether somebody calls it ‘POK’ of ‘POJK’ when the truth clearly demonstrates the existing facts? 4600 sq. miles of the State’s Territory has been taken over by Pakistan and established a government called ‘AJK’ (Azad Jammu and Kashmir), the Kashmiri leadership which has been demanding implementation of UN Resolution has yet to understand that the ‘AJK’ has an Assembly and a Council. The Council is chaired by the Prime Minister of Pakistan. And the legislative powers are exercised by the so-called Legislative Council called ‘AJK’. Every member of the Legislative Assembly and the Council have to take an oath of allegiance to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. A temporary Constitution was introduced in 1974 which has not been made permanent till date. None can visit POK without the permission of Pak authority. Do the honourable leaders of Kashmir know that entire Gilgit-Baltistan comprising of 32000 sq. miles has been annexed by Pakistan as its fifth province. First of all let them bring round Pakistan to tag Gilgit-Baltistan with their ‘Azad Kashmir’. The people of Kashmir are highly intelligent and visionary. They know the truth. They also know that LoC cannot be trashed by either side.

Prof.Bhim Singh hoped that the Kashmir leadership shall understand the writings on the walls of history and work for an amicable and peaceful resolution of the problem. This cannot be resolved by Modi or by Nawaz Sharief.

The NPP Supremo also expressed surprise on the statement of some leaders from the Valley hailing Atalji’s initiative vis-à-vis J&K problem least caring to spell it out or to spell out the differentiation between POK and POJK. Six members of Parliament have entered the Parliament. They shall be enjoying all kind of privileges, bonus and benefits from the Govt. of India for being members of the Parliament. Can any Member of the Parliament from J&K can explain to his/her voter what power they enjoy to legislate in respect of their voters they represent? Can any MP from J&K introduce any bill in the Parliament relating to any issue pertaining to J&K?

Prof.Bhim Singh counselled the leaders of the Valley to come out of the web and speak out the truth to their people about the status that is enjoyed in J&K. The special status the State is because of the Royal Decree issued by Maharaja Hari Singh in 1927 introducing a permanent concept of ‘State Subject’. The special status of J&K has nothing to do with Article 370. Article 370 has been used by the Kashmiri leaders to exploit the sentiments of the innocent Kashmiries. On the other hand the Jan Sangh now converted into BJP has been exploiting the people of Jammu in the name of Article 370. The truth is otherwise.