NPP Supremo described Maharaja Hari Singh as saviour of identity of J&K, addresses meet the press programme in Islamabad

Prof.Bhim Singh, Supremo of National Panthers Party and Member of National Integration Council visiting Pakistan participated in several programmes and meeting organized in Islamabad by several political groups, ministers, institutions and meet the press programme in Islamabad yesterday. Dy. Prime Minister of POK, Mr. Yasin Chaudhary hosted a grand lunch in honour of Prof.Bhim Singh. The prominent leaders of Muslim Conference, Peoples Party, Muslim League joined the lunch. Prominent among those who participated included M/s. G.M. Gilani, POK Minister for Law, G. Rathore another Minister in the government, Sardar Khalid Ibrahim, Chief of J&K Peoples Conference and others.

Mr. Yasin Chaudhary welcomed the guests and hoped that this visit shall strengthen the roots of understanding and friendship among the leadership and the people of divided J&K. He said Prof.Bhim Singh has made tremendous contribution in this regard. Prof.Bhim Singh extended invitation to the political leadership, intellectuals, lawyers and journalists who participate in the Heart to Heart Talks being held in October this year.

Addressing meet the press programme organised by the Islamabad Press Club in the afternoon. The major event was the presence of nearly 40 youth of Pak and POK who were released by the Supreme Court of India on the petition of Prof.Bhim Singh. Each one of them introduced himself, his jails in India and the period of imprisonment. Every ex-prisoner expressed heartful of gratitudes to Prof.Bhim Singh and the State Legal Aid Committee, J&K for having secured their release from the prisons without any fee. Prof.Bhim Singh had made fines of some of the prisoners to secure their earlier release. Prominent among them was Sikander-e-Azam from Islamabad who was arrest in Jammu with passport.

Prof.Bhim Singh expressed thanks to the Lawyers Congress of Lahore for their invitation to him and interact with lawyers fraternity in Lahore, Islamabad and other places. The President of the Lawyers Congress, Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Jehangir and Shakeel Awan was also present. The other prominent persons in the press conference included two ministers of POK government namely, Mr. Rathore and Mr. Gilani.

Prof.Bhim Singh in his one-hour press the meet programme presided by the General Secretary of the Press Club, Mr. Afzal Butt. Mr. Butt recollected his visit to India and the cooperation the Pakistani journalist got from Prof.Bhim Singh at that time. Mr. Butt described Prof.Bhim Singh as a great parliamentarian, political activist, champion of human rights, a great author, writer and fearless leader in the present era in the sub-continent.

Prof.Bhim Singh made an interesting disclosure that identity of J&K was established and protected by the Royal Decree issued by Maharaja Hari Singh in 1927. Identity of the people of J&K on the both sides of J&K is not created by Article 370 of the Indian Constitution but the Law made by Maharaja Hari Singh.

Prof.Bhim Singh praised Pakistan Prime Minister, Mr. Nawaz Sharief for visiting India to attend oath ceremony of the new Prime Minister. He also welcomed the release of 150 fishermen from the Pakistani jails and hoped that all the prisoners rotting in Pak jails shall be freed at the earliest. He also hoped that Govt.of India shall reciprocate and release all the Pakistani fishermen and the Pak prisoners languishing in Indian jails for over 10 years by setting them at liberty. Prof.Bhim Singh highlighted the unique judgments and observations made by the Supreme Court of India while hearing the petition of the Panthers Party and State Legal Aid Committee for the release of Pak-prisoners. He also hoped that the Govt. of Pakistan shall expedite the nationality recognition process of several Pak-prisoners in Indian jails who have completed their sentences but could not be released only because their nationalities have not been established.

Several delegations of the lawyers, parents of the prisoners, intellectuals from Rawalakote, Mirpur, Kotli and Muzaffrabad called on Prof.Bhim Singh expressing their gratitude and inviting him to their respective hometown where the people are waiting to receive Prof.Bhim Singh.