Punjab (Pakistan) Governor presents souvenir to Bhim Singh

Chaudhary Mohd. Sarwar, Governor of Punjab (Pakistan) received a delegation of Indo-Pakistan’s lawyers today at Raj Bhawan, Lahore. Chaudhary Mohd. Sarwar was first Muslim member in the House of Common in United Kingdom earlier. The Punjab Governor welcomed the initiative taken by Prof.Bhim Singh, Sr. Advocate in Supreme Court of India & Member of National Integration Council seeking release of nearly 500 Pakistani nationals languishing in the Indian jails. The Punjab Governor appreciated and admired the contributions made in the field of human rights while fighting for foreigners and in the Supreme Court. The Governor also presented a souvenir to Prof.Bhim Singh. Earlier Prof.Bhim Singh presented a latest edition of his book, ‘The Blunders & Way Out’ on J&K.
The other advocates of the Supreme Court of Pakistan who accompanied Prof.Bhim Singh included M/s. Zulfiqar Ali Jehangir, Shakeel Ahmed Awan, Rana Mohd. Qaisar. Prof.Bhim Singh is on his one-week visit to Pakistan on the invitation of Lawyers’ Congress, Lahore. He has also been invited by the District Bar Association, Mirpur and other districts.