Press Release

Mr. Naem Sarwar, Acting President of Pakistan Supreme Court Bar Association in Lahore hosted a dinner in honour of Prof.Bhim Singh at Gymkhana Club, Lahore last evening. Mr. Sajjad Hassan Good Khan, Muslim League MP was as the special Guest on this occasion.  Several senior advocates and social activists were also present including Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Zehangir, Advocate & President of the Lawyers Congress, its Vice President, Mr. Shakeel Ahmed Awan, Advocate, Supreme Court of Pakistan and Sr. Advocate Mr. Mohd Qaisar Amin Rana.

Prof. Bhim Singh, Sr. Advocate of Supreme Court of India and Member of National Integration Council (NIC) expressed thanks to the Pakistan Supreme Court Bar Association and its Acting President for the honour of the learned Advocates of Pakistan has showered. He hoped this shall be a great beginning to workout a coordination among the lawyers fraternity to build bridges of peace between two brotherly Nations; India and Pakistan which is universal voice of the people of the Countries. “Lawyers have a great role to play”. He said.

Prof. Bhim Singh pleaded that all foreign prisoners undergoing life sentence in India should be repatriated to their native country and vice versa. He also hoped that the trails of all prisoners should be concluded within a period of one year as has been ordered by the Supreme Court of India.

Mr. Naem Sarwar, Acting President of the Pakistan Supreme Court Bar Association expressed gratitude for the work that Prof. Bhim Singh has been doing in the Supreme Court of India to seek justice for the Pak-prisoners languishing in the Indian jails at his own initiative and expense. He assured that the SCBA shall reciprocate by taking up the cause of Indian prisoners in Pak-jails.

Prof. Bhim Singh hoped that India shall reciprocate to good gesture of Pakistan Prime Minister, Mr. Nawaz Sharief by releasing Pak-prisoners in Indian jails who have completed their respective sentences and those convicted for life. Pak-fishermen deserve first attention.