Bhim Singh Leaves for Pakistan on Invitation from ‘Lawyers Congress’ Lahore

Prof Bhim Singh, Sr Adv and Chairman of Supreme    Court’s Committee of          International Affairs left for Pakistan on the invitation of Lawyers’ Congress Lahore to attend a Free Legal Aid  meeting with the members of the Bar associations of Lahore High Court and Supreme Court of Pakistan. Prof Bhim Singh has been invited to workout modalities on providing free Legal Aid to the Indian Prisoners in Pakistani Jails and the Pak Nationals in the Indian jails . Prof Bhim Singh took this initiative some 14 years ago. State legal Aid Committee ( funded by Prof Bhim Singh himself) has filed several writ petitions in the Supreme Court of India AND OTHER Courts challenging the illegal, unconstitutional and improper arrest and detentions. More than 250 prisoners from Pak and POK, even Afganistan and Iran were set at liberty on the petitions of Prof Bhim Singh

World renowned  Champion of civil liberties and human rights, Prof Bhim Singh ,has been invited by the  President of Lawyers Congress,Mr Zulfiqar Ali Jehangir, Adv to initiate major  activities to ensure that the Pak  prisoners languishing in the Indian Jails and the Indian prisoners languishing in Pak jails  are provided adequate free legal aid so that they may also get the benefit of their fundamental rights.