Cat is out of ‘the bag’ Modi-Mossad connections surfaced

New Delhi, 19, 2014: Reacting shorply, Prof. Bhim Singh, supremo NPP & Member NIC an old friend of Yasir Arafat and Sadam Hussein is ardent   champion of Indo-Arab solidarity has expressed stunning surprised on Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu’s  public disclosure that with Modi’s elevation to the position of Prime Minister of India has given an opportunity to Israel to have a ‘staunch ally’ in South Asia.

Quoting New York based International Business Time as reported by PTI that Mr. Netanyahu addressed his cabinet in Tel Avive , Israel on Friday , “I spoke with the Prime Minister-elect  of India (Mr. Modi).  There  is a  clear expression of the desire to deepen and develop economic ties with the state of Israel”. Disclosed  Mr. Netanyahu to his cabinet.

Prof. Bhim Singh expressed surprise on the ignorance of the Israeli Prime Minister that Mr. Modi is not Prime minister –elect of India as it is only the President of India who has the mandate to nominate  Prime Minister.  Mr. Modi has not been till today (Monday) nominated by the president nor Mr.  Modi has claimed.  The story planted in International Business Time, New York has claimed that, “Israel support to India during the Kargil War had helped build relationship of trust which saw Defence cooperation between the two countries”. That is a total lie.   Prof. Bhim Singh rubbished this claim of Mossad (official intelligence agency of Israel) only to mislead the world opinion through its false and misleading  propaganda.

Prof. Bhim Singh had met Netanyahu and interviewed him for his film on Jerusalem in 1992 in Jerusalem. He has not changed a bit, felt Prof. Bhim Singh.  He said that Mossad has played highly dangerous game plan to destablize Afganistan, Pakistan and attempted for India also.

Prof. Bhim Singh said that Mr. Modi  has been exposed of his  latent tie up  with Israel, operating, as a tool of CIA to Deestablize India as they did with USSR, Yugoslavia Sudan etc.

The USA has been playing highly dangerous role in south-Asia to destabilize world’s   largest democracy, India.  The cat has been let out of the bag by Israeli Prime Minister in a hurry which cannot be ignored by those who are looking after security and international relation of India with its neighboring country including the Arab World.